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Kirby Air Ride

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Reviewer: BC Date: Sep 5, 2018
hi! :D

I'm BC, I played this game a while ago i decided to review it.

Graphics: 8
The graphics in this game are downright great, every model looks really outstanding and its just a joy to look at. The stages are filled with lots of details and its just lovely.

Sound: 10
I love the music in this game. I adore it. All of the osts in this game are catchy and memorable. Please take a listen to them, they're really the best.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay is amazing, to the controls, the 3 different modes, the stages, everything! The copy abilitys really add a lot to the game, and so does the health bar! City Trial is also a fan-favorite. You go around for five minutes boosting your stats, and when the timer is up, you do some sort of challenge and try to win it! It's just really fun to play!

Overall: 9
I really recommend this game, its really fun and a good game to play! You can also play with 4 people! The only thing keeping this from a 10 is that, the invisible walls are really annoying to me. When youre gliding on whatever vehicle, its kinda annoying to bump into an invisible wall and lose all your momentum. I also would of liked a way to drop your copy ability. But the good really outweighs the bad.

Please play this game, its a whole of a lot fun.