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Reviewer: Evgeny Komarov Date: Jan 1, 2019
This installment of the EA Sports NHL series is one to remember, and an instant classic. Hockey fans and gamers alike will love NHL 06. Even for a GameCube game, this has some impressive features.

Graphics: 8
Compared to many sports titles on the GameCube system, NHL 06 is definitely a contender for the best graphics. The attention to detail is amazing, and the game developers didn't miss a single detail in the arena, players' uniforms, ice, and so on. The animations of this game are lifelike, as expected from a developer such as EA. The movements of the players are crisp and smooth, the audience reacts to everything that happens on the ice, and you can certainly tell when you've landed a good hit.

Sound: 9
The sound in NHL 06 is about as good as it gets on GameCube. Not only is the sound quality near perfect, the amount of different sounds that the developers put into the game is stunning, and it really makes the whole arena come to life. You can hear the players skating, the puck being passed around, each and every shot, hit, and you can definitely hear a goal; each team has a unique horn that blares after a goal and the crowd roars in cheers.

Gameplay: 6
A sports title on the GameCube is not the easiest to program. Although the GameCube is loved by nearly everyone who plays it, the controller to the system is a bit quirky. The majority of EA Sports games are made on Microsoft and Sony systems, rather than Nintendo. Therefore, players such as myself will need to take a moment to get used to the GameCube controller after playing with Xbox or PlayStation controllers for their hockey game needs. This is justified, however, as the game has various difficulty settings, so both beginners and pros are welcome.

Overall: 8
Overall, NHL 06 is a remarkable sports title, especially one for a Nintendo system. Adults and children alike will love shooting away at the goaltenders, or clobbering their opponents to seize the puck. Regardless of your play style, NHL 06 is the perfect sports game for you.

For parents who are reading this to decide whether or not to let their children play NHL 06, here are some parental guidance notes.

The game is rated E10+, meaning it is recommended for children ages 10 and older. However, if your child already watches hockey (which is probable considering the entire concept of the game is hockey), I genuinely believe that this game is suitable for them. If you still think your child is too young for NHL 06, I recommend Mario Sports Mix for the Wii, which is also available on this website, for free. Kids love Mario, and along with hockey, they can take Mario and his friends to play basketball, volleyball, and even dodgeball. I hope this helped you out!