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Reviewer: Omega Rohan: Super Mario Style Date: Feb 1, 2006
This game like any other of it's time didn't have much of a story line. This is a tough game that is about skill and technique. sound like bull crap? Then try the balloon trip level and see how long you last.

Graphics: 7
the graphics aren't the greatest but then it really wouldn't be classic games without the sketchiness and the blocks-for-objects.

Sound: 6
The sound was just like any other game at the time. boop-beep-ba-boop
again that's just the way the classics are.

Gameplay: 8
It is hard yet when I was playing this on my NES I realized that I just spent 2 hours playing this game. Ironically addictive.

Overall: 7
Overall for a game of it's time this was no Super Mario but it was still good. For something to just zone out into and you like classic games zone out to this one, it's a good one.

In other words try it at least once before you crack on it. Really it's not THAT bad. You'll then be able to say it's bad from experience.


Reviewer: Rammier Durkhart Date: Oct 5, 2005
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Some people have no respect for aged Nintendo classics like Balloon Fight. This game was one of the early Nintendo games, coming out in 1984, a year after the NES's release. It's unfair to compare it to later NES games, simply because later games will always be better than early games, regardless of the system.

Graphics: 7
The graphics get a seven. While the visuals might be bland, I know what I am doing and what I am looking at. Remember, it's 1984 so it was either this or early gaming consoles like the Atari. In retrospect this was pretty good visuals.

Sound: 6
The sound was okay, for an early game, but again it was an early game so the sound was simple, but not annoying. The music on the "Balloon Trip" stage is catchy and actually made a revival on the Nintendo Gamecube game "Super Smash Bros. Melee"

Gameplay: 9
Hey, the gameplay is pretty simple, fly your guy around the screen and pop the enemies' balloons and send them into the drink or onto a platform where you can land and clobber them. Very similar to the classic arcade game, Joust, the premise is no different. The game was meant to be played in an arcade fashion, meaning there was no end to the game, you just played until you lost all of your lives.

Overall: 9
Despite what some of the previous reviewers said, this is a game you should try out if you want a game that has no point other than to be fun to play. You should only try it out if you are curious as to what early NES games were like.

Don't expect this game to be the best game on the NES ever, because it certainly isn't. However, this is one of the first really good games on the NES and if your interested on how NES games were then try this out.



Reviewer: Runefreak99 Date: Jun 2, 2004
First off I'd just like to say this is a horrible, boring, and annoying game. I have NO idea why it got such high ratings. It's one of the worst NES games ever made.

Graphics: 5
Sure, the NES isn't the best platform for graphics, but I've seen it do much better than this. They could have added a lot more detial to all the aspects of the game, especially the backrodund. The backround is just black with green and brown dots (stars?) And an evil cloud that trys to kill you. It looks like they made it as fast as they could just to get it done... Each level looks the same as the last.

Sound: 1
Sigh...the FIRST gameboy had better sound than this. The music is just a system of beeps that will make you want to break your monitor with your joystick. If...for some reason you DO play this game, I would recommend turning the sound off.

Gameplay: 3
The gameplay is what makes this game as bad as it is. There are only 2 objectives of this game. Number one, pop the birds balloons, and two, kill the birds. It's the same thing every level...pop balloon-kill bird-pop balloon-kill bird. Before you beat the first level you will be bored out of your mind.

Overall: 3
This deserves no more than a four, but in my opinion...a three suits it better. No part of this game should make anyone want to play it.

Do not play this game! You will be very not pay attention to the the high ratings it recieved (I think some weirdos gave it lots of high ratings just to make people waste their time)


Reviewer: Tequilla Cactus Date: Jan 1, 2003
I can't possibly see why anyone would rate this game and give it a 9.5! It totally sucks. I'd bet nobody could play this game for more than thirty minutes without getting bored of it.

Graphics: 6
Not so great. The sprites are cheesy, the animation is OK, and the colors are allright. The graphics get a 6.

Sound: 3
*throws up* This would make a deaf man want to kill himself! The sound is just awful. It has beep-like sound effects that really take away from the game.

Gameplay: 2
Oh god...they should use this game in prison as punishment for people. The gameplay is sooooo boring! The levels are totally redundant, and you do just about one thing--fly around and jump on evil birds' balloons to pop them and kill the birds. The gameplay of this game is absolutely terrible.

Overall: 3
What else can I say? Balloon fight is a terrible game. The graphics, sound, and gameplay all meld together to create one awful game.

Do NOT download or buy this one...despite the rating most people gave this game, I thought it was just awful...


Reviewer: D. Date: Feb 14, 2002
Balloon Fight is one of the earliest NES games, but also one of the funnest. It's not much for exciting effects, and there is next to no storyline - pop their balloons and don't let them pop yours. If you've ever played Joust (another classic), this game isn't much different, just clean, simple fun.

Graphics: 6
I gave this game a higher rating because it is such an early NES game, 1984. Not overly detailed, but it gets the job done.

Sound: 3
This is probably the only real negative point to this game. The sound is horrible, even for a game as dated as it is. But, just turn your speakers down, and you're set, as there's not much to miss and what there is, well, is annoying.

Gameplay: 7
Gameplay is pretty simplistic. Keep pounding the button to stay afloat, and fet above your enemies to pop their balloons. Then, they'll either land on a floating ledge, or get eaten by the big fish in the water, which is accompanied by the only entertaining sound effect in the game. When they land on the ledge, you have to kick them into the water, or else they'll air up a new balloon. Levels are cleared when all opponents are defeated. There are bonus rounds also which you must pop as many floating balloons as possible before they fly away.

Overall: 7
Balloon Fight is simple enough for young kids and those that don't play games, but fun enough for hardcore gamers such as myself to kill a few hours. A definite case of substance over style, whatever works.

This game is definately worth checking out. Laters.