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Adventures of Cookie & Cream, The

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Reviewer: Spookiopath Date: Apr 22, 2022
The Adventures of Cookie & Cream (known as Kuri Kuri Mix outside the USA) is an enjoyable co-op or solo platformer for PS2, and I'm going to review it and tell you all about why it's the best PS2 game in the world.

Graphics: 9
The graphics may not be the strongest point of the game by our modern standards, but they still look incredibly good for the time, being very bouncy and colorful. Cookie & Cream themselves look fantastic, providing a nice contrast to each other in color and having charming models to boot. Overall, very good graphics.

Sound: 10
What can I even say other than the sound is great. Cookie & Cream both have voice clips which once again contrast each other nicely, they even have different footstep and jump sound effects. The music is also very good, having a strange and unusual vibe that is very pleasant to listen to.

Gameplay: 10
The best part of the game is right here in the gameplay. You can go it alone or with a friend, and while alone is pretty good playing it with a friend is where the game truly shines. It's an amazing bonding experience, the puzzles have you work together in ways such that by the time you finish the game you'll come out closer than ever. Alternatively, you can be funny and move platforms out from under your friends. There are also chickens that push you in the right direction if you get stuck and talk to them. Overall, great gameplay solo, but way better with friends.

Overall: 10
Overall, I give this game a 10/10 for being the best co-op puzzle platformer on the PS2, and pray every day that it gets a sequel or a remake.

The Adventures of Cookie & Cream (known as Kuri Kuri Mix outside the USA) is available even today on the PS3 store for only 10 dollars, so buy your copy today and show from software how much better this game is than dark souls or whatever!