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Spiritual Warfare

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Reviewer: MattoS Date: Apr 18, 2003
Ever dreamed of a game where you play as a street preacher and go around converting every living thing in site? Except for the dogs, they have to go to hell. Well finally your dreams have been answered. Pick up your fruit of the spirit and throw it at the nearest heathen, then watch them fall to their knees and pray. Or if you need to get an object out of the way, just drop a vial of God's wrath down and blow it away. But don't go in the bar because bars are bad!!!!!!

Graphics: 7
They're basic but pretty good for the NES. They've got hokey charm. The animation when you convert someone is absolutely hilarious.

Sound: 4
Its not pure noise but then again its nothing i'll be humming later. Actually it gets annoying really quick. But I didn't give it a lower score because it at least has a recognizable tune. It's a montage of various Christian songs. Have winamp ready.

Gameplay: 8
Yes thats an 8. The guy handles pretty well and it never starts flashing. Easy to control and smooth.

Overall: 8
What makes this game great is the premise. I can't think of anything less PC than running around converting everyone in sight to Christianity. And not just bad people like street gangs that shoot at each other and people who graffiti the sidewalk. You also get to convert ususpecting construction workers and men in business suits as well as people walking around in front of their homes and airport workers.

The idea makes it fun where a standard save the princess story would have got boring fast. The "bar" is absolutely hilarious.

The great irony of this game is that so much of it is clearly stolen from zelda. Ex. You get your first weapon by entering a door at the top of the screen where you start. You're life is shown by hearts and you get more by finding them around the map. Replace triforce with armor of God. Enter doors to find a guy who sells 3 different objects just like the stores in zelda. If you've ever played zelda, you'll know what i mean immediately. Seems like someone needs to toss some fruit of the spirit at the thieves who made this game.


Reviewer: Eternal Angel Date: Aug 11, 2001
This game is very unique in the fact that you are a faithful servant of god sent out to right all the wrongs in the world. Ypur weapons are not guns or knives, but surprise! Fruits that can convert all evil into faithful worshippers of God. In the game at Random times you will meet up with an Angel who gives you fruit when you answer her Bible related questions correctly.Download this if you are looking for safe clean fun or if you have always wanted to beat God's word into people's heads.
-Eternal Angel