Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage

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Reviewer: Homedogg Date: Jul 30, 2004
Wow. I'm Extremely disappointed to see no one write a review for this game. This is one of the few games that had some classic old school skateboarding with the new added twist of surfing. Now how often do you see surfing on Nintendo? More importantly than that how often is it a blast? I can still get hooked on this game a couple minutes after I stick it in the ancient system, it's just too fun. The concept here is you skate board with two guys or surf with two animals collecting power-ups, points, try to stay in the pipe, and do old school ollies all over the place. Yep this game rocks the house.

Graphics: 10
Graphics weren’t too bad, in fact they were good on second thought. I mean just what the game needed. The characters were well detailed and they actually remembered to show the character pump on his skateboard. If you get going fast enough you can jump those small ramps you will see in front of cracks. That was always funny wondering why the road was so messed up. They had places where there were huge pot holes, rough roads where there was just dirt, and boxes and oil drums sitting there. Of course this makes for a perfect skate park I guess.

Sound: 10
Sound was great the skateboarding even was the only mode that had music and it was the only track in the whole game, but that was really all that was needed to get you in the mood. Sound effects is what got through here. Jumping on your skateboard made a jumping sound. You’d hear the waves while surfing, When you hit a wall or something on your skateboard you could hear a thump. Many things like this made sound pretty good. Only one track but like I said you didn’t really need more than one.

Gameplay: 10
Ah, game play. Here she is. Just to remind you of how hard this game is I can get to the 7th level in skateboarding, but surfing is tough. Some people are better at surfing it’s all about whether you know how. B and A buttons shift your weight on the surfboard making for how you turn good. There’s four characters to choose from I’m just gonna call them by what I remember, in skateboarding you get the Tiki Man and Elvis and in surfing you get Thrilla Gorilla and what ever that cat’s name is I forget. In surfing you get points for how long you can stay in the pipe, and believe me, it’s hard to do. Of course while surfing you have to avoid the casual morons swimming in a Hawaii surf competition while riding the wave back to shore. If you’re not careful you just may end up crashing into one of the pier supports. Skateboarding is totally different. Here you have to skate and get as many points as possible by jumping ramps, grinding, doing special tricks and jumping on objects. If you skate long enough your time limit to finish the level freezes and you’re just skating without care until you forget that there’s a turtle crossing the street up ahead. You start with four yin yang symbols, this is your life meter the longer you stay on your board the more yin yangs you collect. The worse you crash the more yin yangs get depleted while your timer runs on. If you finish the level you start on level 2. Each level they lengthen the start while you still have a minute to complete the level. It gets harder and harder until if you crash you won’t finish the level. Or you can just select “Wood and Water Rage” which is doing a little surfing and then a little skating.

Overall: 10
Hopefully I explained why this game is a blast to play with one or two players. Two is the most fun of course. Again another must have for Nintendo collectors. Such a great game…