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Reviewer: Nick Miller Date: Oct 4, 2002
There are games for the NES that started it all for certain genres and hit games for the new systems of today. Tecmo Bowl would be, in my opinion, the football game that make the Maddens and Gameday football games the way they are today.

Graphics: 7
For the time this game was made, these graphics weren't half bad. They don't look like much now, but for the NES it couldn't get much better. You can tell who your favorite players are by the color of their skin, and the logos for each time look pretty close to the real thing. Not bad, really. Only complaint on the graphics is that they sometimes flicker, which cause occasional slow down.

Sound: 9
The sound? The sounds of the football being kicked, caught, and the whistles blowing when the play is dead is ahead of its time. And the music, every play has a soundtrack. The music isn't bad, rather catchy (especially when you score a touchdown.. that song is still in my head after all this time geez). Overall, great sound for being made when it was.

Gameplay: 10
Great gameplay. You can make your player juke, or fake out defenders completely. Even amazing diving catches are easy to pull off. On defense, you can tick off your opponent by snagging away a few stray balls for interceptions *had five INTS with Chris Doleman once, trust me, it gets no easier than that*. Great responsive controls, let you do just about anything your heart desires.

Overall: 10
A fantastic football game. It covers everything you would expect in a football game, nothing more nothing less. Great graphics for its time, with a snappy soundtrack and great control, what more could you even ask for in a football game. Oh heck with it, download it!

P.S. To the people who think that Tecmo Super Bowl is so great.. Yeah, the game is twice as good as Tecmo Bowl, but don't ever forget what game started all that. Tecmo Bowl all the way baby!