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Reviewer: Mega Man 5 Date: Aug 8, 2006
This is one of three versions of Tetris released for the NES, and this one (in my opinion) is the best.

Graphics: 7
Tetris was never about the graphics, but there are some good touches. The graphics here are better than the Tengen version, with more colors and bigger, more Tetris-like shapes. The colors for each block change after clearing 10 lines, something not seen in other old versions of Tetris.

Sound: 10
There are 3 music tracks to choose from, and you also have the option to play without music. Though nowhere near as popular as the famous Mario theme song, the music tracks in Tetris are classics and very memorable. The second and third music tracks (B and C) are about 40 seconds long, before repeating, while the first (and, possibly, more well-known and popular) is more than a minute long. Not bad for an early NES game. My favorite is Music C.

Gameplay: 10
This, without a doubt, is where Tetris shines. Though there's no 2-player mode, 1-player is still great. Like all Tetris games, blocks in various shapes fall. Using the A and B buttons, you can rotate each block before placing them. You need to make a perfect fit to make a line. Once you do, the line is cleared. You can clear up to 4 lines at once for big bonus points.

This version of Tetris also has a few enhancements over the Tengen version. A statistics list shows how many of each block has appeared while playing, the blocks won't change to grey and white after they've been placed, and the colors of the blocks change after every 10 lines cleared. There's also a new mode not present in the Tengen version: "Game-Type A". In this mode, you clear a certain number of lines. Not only do you still try to get the highest score by clearing lines, clearing a certain amount if lines unlocks a few cutscenes, including a cutscene with various Nintendo characters (Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Samus, etc.).

The gameplay is truly addicting.

Overall: 9
A must for any Tetris fan. 10 difficulty settings, classic Tetris gameplay and nice touches not present in the Tengen version makes this game worth adding to your collection. Plus, it's also cheaper and easier to find than the other versions to boot. Have fun.


Reviewer: Venom Date: Oct 7, 2001
Tetris: the game that spawned a thousand puzzle games. Too bad the version in question here is a ripoff. This version is nothing compared to the real Tengen version. no two player. No coop. Hell, you can't even go one on one with the CPU here. The graphics just plain suck, the sounds are nothing to write home about, but, nintendo got one thing right...the gameplay. They hit the nail on the head. The two versions play exactly the same, except the nintendo version gets harder, faster. I can't respect this game at all. It's a knock off, and not even a good one. That's why it got the big 6. Pass on this and get tengen, it'll cost a lot more, but it's more than worth it.