Three Stooges, The

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Reviewer: Phoenix Date: Sep 1, 2001
This game should be ported to the GBA, and for 3 good reasons.

1. It has awesome graphics, and the stills look as if they came from the movie shorts themselves.

2. Sound compression technology for video games was pretty rare when this game was made. This game makes very good use of the technology for the time. The voices of Moe, Larry, and Curley is just fantastic.

3. It would bring the comedy fan in all of us out.

However, there are some things I find lacking in this game.

1. Its not long enough.

2. Not enough voice (it would have been nice if just 3 more lines had been added, but they might not have been able to anyway. Still, how the heck did they get the voices for the Stooges? They were dead when this game was made!)

3. Theres just not enough games you can play to get cash.

Still, I give this game a 10! Being able to push the limits of the NES to this kind of limit is just amazing. LONG LIVE THE 3 STOOGES! (i know, i know, they are dead.)


Reviewer: Chris(M) Date: Sep 1, 2001
This game is the best! Here are the reasons:

Graphics: While some of them do look messed up, it still looks great!

Sound: I think this was the first NES game to include real voices, which is another thing that makes this so great!

Gameplay: Riding through hospital corridors, moving a spoon around in a bowl of fresh clam chowder, running to the radio store, this stuff is one-of-a-kind.

Overall: Such a great game, they should remake it for GBA! Download it now!