Thunder & Lightning

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Reviewer: Vega Date: Mar 7, 2002
Oooh... disappointment! I liked the Arcade version, but the NES one is totally awful. Where are the bosses of the end of level? Where is the girl who has to be rescued? Where is... well, practically everything. Comparing it with the other one would be a waste of time here, apart from that the NES is the NES and we know that sometimes can't ask for many things.

Graphics: 1
Another game whose backgrounds seem tablecloths (in general), and till now I've count... This kind of games rarely has had good graphics in 8 bits systems, but in this case they're worse than ever. Besides, the stages follow the same structure during all the game; many levels give the impression of being the same among them because the graphics are very repetitive.

Sound: 1
Sound or noise? I'm afraid the last option is the correct, don't think too much... At first, when I played this game, I even thought the ""music"" was fun, but little by little I began to get fed up with it. Even so, sometimes it's difficult to listen to it because of the noise of the ball. The tune doesn't change in all the time and, definitively, that's not a good choice for your ears. Believe me...

Gameplay: 3
More about ""Arkanoid"", though this time ""Thunder & Lighting"" is easier than the other one. Well, anyway this is a quite frustrating game; the ball can't be caught in most of occasions, above all after the first levels, but fortunately there is a kind of submarine or vessel that throws very useful items when it is hit by the ball.

Overall: 2
Not fun, not interesting... just a monotonous and boring game to spend the time when you don't know what to do. I know that there are loads of bad games in this system but, why aren't the things well done sometimes? It might have been much better if the people who made it would have wanted to.

I think I'll download soon the Arcade version from anywhere in order to remind and that game I enjoyed long ago... not the NES version, of course!