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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Aug 9, 2005
'Insane'. This is the word that always comes to mind when I think of Steven Spielberg's "Tiny Toon", a hilarious cartoon seris featuring 'counterparts' to the classic Warner Bros. characters. Those series are just constant recipes for laughter.

The game, from Konami, is a very fair 'trademark game', as I like to think of them. Sure, it may not hold the humour of the cartoons (apart from the Emily bits - see below), but "Tiny Toon adventures" is nonetheless a game that holds satisfyingly true to its cartoon parent.

Graphics: 8
Nothing spectacular, but it holds true to the cartoon. Sure, there are some character sprites that are a bit disappointing (like Buster's), but mostly the many terrains and characters are well-rendered, especially the third boss and the underwater level.

Sound: 8
The underwater tune in zone 2 really touches me. And for touching me, a soundtrack earns my respect. Along with the classic Tiny Toon theme tune, there are new tunes such as the excellent boss battle tune (the short 'Game over' piece I also have a bit of a soft spot for). The underwater tune is the one that touches me, however, so that brings the bacon.

Gameplay: 9
Buster bunny must rescue his girlfriend Babs from Montana Max. To help you on your way, you can, before the start of each zone, choose a partner to accompany you, often helping you pass many tough obstacles. Shirley the loon will lend you a helping hand as to whom to choose and when. My advice - always listen to her.

The Tiny Toon air is really evident in this sidescroller, and while most of the humour is sadly not to be found, there is always Emily. Yes, at the end of each second act (in four of the six locations), you must avoid Emily from catching you and hugging you and kissing and goodness-knows-what, until a door opens for you to escape.

The six locations are all very versatile. The first is a traditional grassy plain, with a spooky castle at the end, and a surprising boss. Then you move on to a pirate island, where my favourite level is found - the underwater level (where Plucky duck will prove most useful). You move on from location to location until you reach the bank where Montana Max is holding Babs hostage. Your quest is very challenging, especially from zone 4 onwards (well, zone 5 is a bit of a cool-down). So if you love Tiny Toon and/or just want a solid game with content and challenge, this game well deserves your attention. And the captivating characters don't spoil matters.

Overall: 9
A well-attempted effort at a game based on a cartoon, unlike most such games for the NES (those include Looney tunes ones!). Imaginative, intriguing, funny at times and growing to be very challening, "Tiny Toon adventures" is a trademark game truly made with heart.

My friend gave me this game after he sold his NES. It was one of those games that I played at my neighbour's and always wished I had for myself.


Reviewer: TonberryKing Date: Apr 26, 2002
Hi-ho, gamers! Up for another review? Good! Now sit back and relax.

Tiny Toon Adventures: a good cartoon by Steven Spielberg, but also a good game by Konami, makers of Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and the Goemon series. Just as you would expect from Konami, this game hits the target. The game starts with you, as Buster, travelling around acme acres in order to rescue Babs from Montana Max.

Graphics: 7
The sprites are all well-done, but the backrounds were a little too sweet for my tastes. There are lots of different colors, though. Good graphics overall.

Sound: 7
Fans of the show will enjoy the remixed tunes, but certain level music can get obnoxious, and fast, because of the NES's infamous short-looped music tendencies. Elmyra's theme, of course, you'll never tire of.

Gameplay: 9
The game uses a unique system of 'helpers.' At the beginning of each stage, you can choose to have Dizzy Devil, Plucky Duck, or Furball as your helper. Dizzy spins and knocks out enemies, Plucky can glide, and Fuball climbs walls. You start the stage as Buster, until you run across a balloon with a certain powerup in it. That transforms you into your helper.
The only problem with this system is that since you don't know what balloons have what powerups in them, you may be changed to/from Buster when you might not have wanted to be. Still, a unique system nonetheless, as your helpers can be very ... helpful, if chosen wisely.

Overall: 9
Fun for the whole family! Now on to review the awful sequel!

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