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Reviewer: Kirby Date: Jun 15, 2002
Battletoads and Double Dragon is a fighting game, and one of the best out there. It's stunning graphics and intense gameplay make for a very great game. You can play with one player, or two cooperative.
This game was later re-made for Super Nintendo, and fans of this one should check out the other one to compare the differences and similarities. I like this game for it's fun levels and variety in-between them. For instance, level 4 is played in space-ships instead of fighting on the ground, which is a good change.

Graphics: 10
The graphics in the game are some of the best I've ever seen on Nintendo, varying from detailed characters to extensive landscapes.
The game has a scrolling 3d floor in the 2nd level which looks extremely cool, and rotating cylinders in other levels. The characters have many facial expressions, including their looks of horror when the end of stage boss shows up. The Battletoads change into different objects when pulling in fighting combos, and the enemies vary in size and shape.

Sound: 8
The sound effects in the game are limited, most of them being punching noises and crunching sounds, although the last boss makes a firey noise. There are also a few laser noises and explosions.
The music seems like a percussive beat with a noise playing different notes in the background. Unlike most games, the music doesn't get on your nerves and make you hum it over and over in your mind.

Gameplay: 8
The gameplay is very responsive, and there are many fun moves you can pull off. For example, you can stomp the hands of enemies hanging on the edges of the levels. The space ship scene is a fun change from all the fighting you do in the game, and will remind most people of the game ""Comet Busters"" or ""Asteroids"". The best fighting tip is runnning toward an enemy and attacking him, then running back before they counterattack. I have found this the best way to fight the bosses. Jumping isn't used much in combat.

Overall: 9
This is truly a masterpeice in the fighting category, as well as having great graphics. The game is built along the design of the first Battletoads game, except battletoads was considerably harder to beat. This game is best played with 2 people, and I think most players opt to use the 2 player game where you can't hurt each other.
If anyone gets past the 3rd level with 3 lives left, they should consider themselves a good player.

This is another game that requires practice to win. Most beginning players will probably lose most of their lives on the first level.
Don't let that discourage you!