Battle of Olympus, The

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Reviewer: ETG Date: Jun 16, 2001
Although most games take from Greek mythology, BoO IS Greek mythology. Exept for a two headed Cerburus, BoO sticks closly to the Myths you learned about in school. The game is set up in two parts. The majority of the game is spent criss-crossing ancient Grease gaining new abilities and items so you can reach further areas. Once you become strong enough you can start looking for the nymphs and in the end you travel to the depths of Taurturus (a place worse than hell) to rescue your love from Hades. Gameplay wise the game is very simalar to Zelda 2, but is more chalenging. Unlike Zelda 2 however, BoO's combat requires perfect timing. The letdowns of this game would be that many times you are left with little or no clue of where to go next. The olive colecting and just fighting in general can wear your charecter down fast. Even at your strongest the latter levels' enemys can wipe you out in no time. Enjoy.