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Reviewer: SeraphicRadience2k3 Date: May 12, 2003
If you havn't played this game yet you don't know what your missing. It combines stratagy and fun which will keep you playing for months. You can basically call it a pac man type of game but based way back in te stone age. If you enjoyed Pac Man You'l love this.

Graphics: 7
Graphics are kind of cool for its time zone. there are 2 cleverly detailed dinosaurs and awhole bunch of funny little cave man.

Sound: 6
Sound is ok but most of the sounds are very origonal. the music is good but it can get slightly better.

Gameplay: 10
Like I said if you liked pac man you'l love this game. It is packed with hundreds of levels an as you advance through the game the cave men invent more things like wees or springs, so the game dosn't get old quick.

Overall: 9
ts a great fun game for all ages and I garante you, you won't get bored of this game very easilly.

Hint: Don't forget tocollect the Pinaples as they give yu a distinct advantage over the cave men (you change into a T-Rex and go on a dino rampage its really cool)