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Reviewer: Rizzian Date: Dec 15, 2001
Leaving out two NES Final Fantasy US releases, Ultima 3 was the best RPG on Nintendo. Even as rough as it looks today, it is such an inherently playable game that it is hard not to enjoy. There are lots of options, good music, and a solid plot that keep the spirit of the original PC game while going far beyond it in terms of actual fun.

Graphics: 7
Not quite as good as some of the other games that came along later, but still pretty good. The monsters look like monsters, the heroes look like heroes. It is also far better than the PC version.

Sound: 9
The sound is one of the best features on Ultima 3. The music is great, and it isn't nearly as repetitive as many Nintendo games.

Gameplay: 9
You start off making a party in typical RPG fashion. There are several class choices, and although you are limited to 4 characters, odds are that you can make a winning combination that suits your tastes as well. The fights are an aquired taste, but after a few conflicts it is easy to get into the gameplay.

Overall: 8
For it's time, the best non-Final Fantasy game on NES. It may be a little dated today, but it is still fun.

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