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Reviewer: Der Teufel Date: Jun 16, 2001
A great game. I've played this on the PC and though it's a little different, this game rocks!

Graphics: 6

I chose to rate this as a 7 because of the limited choice of colors in the palette (mostly green, blue, black, and white). however, if you've played it on the PC, then you'll truly appreciate the difference in how it looks. And besides, it's NES!

Sound: 6

Typical of a Nintendo RPG game, not bad, not TOO annoying, 'nuff said.

Gameplay: 7

This game uses menus, however much slower than the PC version, which utilizes every single alphabetical key as a command. this gets to be a pain in the battle creen, since you can only move one space at a time, and you are several spaces away from your opponent. Plus, your sprites have a slow, sliding motion between spaces, as opposed to the PC game where your sprites move instantly from one space to the next, causing a frustration about how long it takes to kill one skeleton. But, also, there is a great story and set of tasks to undertake. Plus, a virtue system and eight different character classes which make this a great game to play.

Overall: 8

I don't know If my review would be considered biased, since I have a great appreciation for the PC game. Though my other reviews are lower than the overall, they themselves do not a great game make. You need to look past the cosmetic flaws, and understand how great a game this really is. Ultima is the ancestor of RPG games, and this is about as good as an RPG gets.