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Reviewer: SilverWyvern Date: Apr 26, 2003
If you enjoyed the other Kemco games, such as Shadowgate and Devaju, you will undoubtly enjoy this horror rpg. This game has to be the creepiest NES game ever made, any wrong step will lead you to a gruesome end.

Graphics: 9
This game has great graphics, but at times, some monsters have a "cutesy" look, such as a pit demon who demands tribute looks like a blue worm with big puppy dog eyes. Other wise, this game has great graphics, if not gruesome.

Sound: 9
I can still remember the music, it would send shockwaves of terror down my spine as a kid. Some music would allure the player into a false sence of security, then in the next frame, they would be butchered by a ghoul.

Gameplay: 10
All of the rpg/puzzle Kemco games deserve a 10. They have superb gameplay as well as replay value. The end in this game is truely shocking.

Overall: 9
Fantastic quality, there are a few week spots in some puzzles (such as "use spider on ghost" logic), but either than that, this is an explemorly piece of work

Crank up the speakers and dim the lights. Prepare for terror!