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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Apr 17, 2005
Why this game has such a high score, I have no idea. It has no content, nothing whatsoever - it\'s just violence.

Graphics: 6
Nothing to write home about. Only the best of average Nintendo graphics. The way these guys move is also very strange.

Sound: 6
Nothing special either. The same bass tune repeats over and over, and the \'victory\' music inspires as little.

Gameplay: 1
I HATE violence games. And this is one, strictly. There is no content whatsoever. You\'re a guy fighting on the street with another guy, trying to push them into the sewers, then everyone salutes you and you\'re a real hero. What utter rubbish!

Overall: 1
Terrible. At least most games have content. This one doesn\'t. It\'s just violence. Looks like someone decided to take the idea that violence could fuel a game and see how far they could take it. Not far, this game shows that. Please stay away from this, for your own sakes.

Maybe the one who came up with this idea had been through a rough street beating. Who knows? I don\'t, and I don\'t want to.