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Reviewer: TonberryKing Date: Apr 6, 2002
This is a neat little title from Jaleco, the makers of the Speed Racer game and...that one tetris game...with the professor.
Ah, whatever. This game, 'Whomp 'Em,' although it may sound like a whack-a-mole simulator, actually follows the adventures of an indian boy goiong to various sacred locations and fighting the guardians of elemental magic in order to....uh....I cool?

Graphics: 8
Very good sprites and well-rendered backgrounds. You can easily tell what everything is right from the get-go. However, the ugly look your indian guy gets when he's hit is pretty ugly...

Sound: 6
As with most NES games, the music is good, but it's on a short loop. It won't distract you, though.

Gameplay: 9
Here's where Jaleco hit the nail on the head. Your main weapon, which is a spear, can be extended out to poke and destroy enemies. Whenever you beat the endboss of an area, you inherit their power. It borrows from megaman, but here's the difference: you can use the new ability as many times as you want. There isn't any kind of meter at all! Also, instead of a lives system, Whomp 'Em uses something similar. I prefer to call it the 'milk tank system.' Your health consists of four hearts. above those hearts are little icons that look like milk tanks. When your health runs out, instead of dying, one of your 'milk tanks' are used, and your health is refilled. That means no going back to the beginning of the level. Very original.

Overall: 8
Jaleco, you could have made more games like THIS. But no. You had to go on to make games like Punky Skunk. Shame, Jaleco. Shame.

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