Win, Lose or Draw

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Reviewer: Dark Wolf Date: Dec 19, 2001
I have to admit this game was a lot less than I expected. A few of you might remember the TV show and that’s what I expected but…

Graphics: 2
The graphics being a really low quality makes the game extremely boring too watch. Drawing your pictures is hard because you can only use 1 color that’s so thin it’s hard to make out. I give it a 2.

Sound: 6
Well, there is one good aspect in this game and that is the sound. The sound is really catchy which makes the game a little more fun. I rate it a 6.

Gameplay: 2
The game play is very hard. You have to click on the letter you want and to erase you have to go the corner of the screen and click the backspace button and that wastes 10 – 15 seconds. And when your drawing the picture it is even harder. You can pretty much only draw strait line because drawing angled lines take to much time and is harder to do. I give it a 2.

Overall: 2
Overall this game is very bad if you play for the game play or graphics, but if you play for sound it’s an OK game, but the computers drawings are very vague which makes it extremely hard unless you’ve memorized every one. I personally suggest you go out and buy the Old computer version of this game. I rate it a 2 overall.

If you liked the TV show go watch it instead.