Wizards & Warriors

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Reviewer: Drodog1 Date: Sep 1, 2002
This is unintentionally the funniest Nintendo game I have ever played. It is the epitome of Japanese-to-English translation blunders...the names of the various items and weapons will have you rolling all throughout the game. It was intended to be a serious medieval quest type of game, which it is...and a very good one at that. The game is absorbing and, unlike most quest games, you rarely get into a situation where you just don't know what to do...your objective is usually clear-cut and attainable. This, combined with the accidental humor, make Wizards and Warriors a Nintendo classic.

Graphics: 4
This aspect of the game leaves something to be desired. However, mediocrity of graphics is the price all quest games must pay in order to be long and engaging. It is i good tradeoff in my opinion.

Sound: 4
See the graphics review. I gave sound the exact same rating for the exact same reasons.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay is really awesome. Once you get the hang of the ""Dagger of Throwing"" and using your sword, you won't want to stop.

Overall: 9
One of the best quest games for the NES. Kept me busy (and laughing) for hours and hours.



Reviewer: Vega Date: Jun 21, 2001
The graphics, music and sound are terrible, but it's the funniest game of this serie. The same difficult than Ironsword, but at least here u revive in the same place where u lost the life, so it's the same; it's easy to arrive at the end. I enjoyed more playing this game than the other one of this serie.