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Reviewer: Jedi Questmaster Date: Sep 24, 2002
The cover and title pretty much explain it. It's about Wolverine against his arch nemesis, Sabertooth.

Graphics: 8
Good graphics, this is at around 1991 so it has to be good. There isn't much details to most of the backgrounds, but what's happening in the levels is nice. If you reach some further stages, like Trial By Fire, then you'll see. There is a nice set of enemies but most of them seem to be completely white covered people.

Sound: 8
The only problem with the music is that there is not enough. The intro music and all the level themes, only two, sound really good and are lengthy. The sound FX isn't very statisfying. Especially the noise heard when you're life is depleting. But whatever works, works.

Gameplay: 7
Although clawing and kicking people is nice, there are problems with controlling. You have to hold down the button to do a punch, punch, kick combo. Usually you have to duck or jump to attack people successfully, which makes you hardly ever use the combo. Also, if you are in berserker mode it's hard to jump which makes platforms a living nightmare.

Overall: 7
Although I have listed all the flaws this game has, there are plenty of things that make this game above average. Other X-Men, like Jubilee and Psylocke, appear in this game and give you items that will help you, if only you can find them. There are plenty of different places to venture through, the sky, a fortress, a room with traps, a burning place, etc. Unlike most action games, you get to start right where you left off. After you die, you don't start the level over or get sent back halfway through. You start on the platform you were last standing on. Even after a Game Over you start where you left off.

If you've played X-Men for the NES, you'll know that this game has better quality. Here are some hints if you're having trouble:

-On Level 2: Trial By Air, if you're daring enough, then try searching for platforms farther down the bottom. You'll have to jump off and be lucky to find them. If you land on the right spot, you should be on a platform moving up and down, and in front of you should be a platform not moving. You have to do a certain something to make it move. Once it's moving, you'll have access to Psylocke, who will give you Havoc, who protects you when healing.

-On Level 4: Trial By Water, there is a secret warp somewhere.