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Reviewer: Zen Master Leo Date: Nov 12, 2001
This was the original party game. It supports up to five or six players I think, but only one person plays at a time. You compete in a bunch of events from barrel jumping, bull riding, weight lifting, and my personal favorite, cliff diving. The affects of ill-executed moves can result in hilarious outcomes, either that or I'm just easily amused.

Graphics: 3
I have to face the fact that the graphics suck. But that's not the reason I liked this fame

Sound: 3
Also sucks, but not annoying. That in and of itself makes any Nintendo game at least tolerable. Except for the national anthems for any nation you pick. Those are annoying!

Gameplay: 9
I have to give this game a 9 for gameplay. It would have been a ten if not for the fact that this game is so much fun with a bunch of people, but it lacks any real attention-keeping power when played alone. The game play shouldn't be affected on a PC, as each player plays at a separate time.

Overall: 5
I wish I could give it more here, but the graphics and sound suck, but what it lacks there is made up for by the fact that you can bounce off the face of a shear rock cliff and pummel your poor cliff diver on rocks submerged below the sea. This game is definitely better played with other people, who may or may not be, well, inebriated by certain things ;-)

All in all, this game is worth getting. Sometimes there's nothing like a cheesy old Nintendo game to lighten up your day. And granted, this game is cheesy enough to warrant selling a box of crackers with the original cartridge, but that's why I love Nintendo.