WWF Wrestlemania

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Reviewer: Rizzian Date: Dec 15, 2001
Wrestlemania was one of the biggest let downs. I remember waiting on a list for it at the local video store when it came out. On the day it was to be ours, we waited for hours for the previous user to return it. It was a game that held that much promise. Sadly, it is one of the worst wrestling games ever made. Poor graphics combined with gameplay that doesn't even live up to the standard of the day make this a horrible game. Tecmo Wrestling and ProWrestling are so much better.

Graphics: 4
Sub-standard for the time, the icons are still recognisable to any WWF fan of the mid-80's. Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant kind of look like really bad cartoon versions of themselves. The rest of the game looks like it was hammered out in an afternoon. The only real stand-out graphic is the pic of Hulk Hogan on the intro screen.

Sound: 3
There is a somewhat bell-like quality to the ring bell, but that is it. The game's music is a little better, and they did manage to get the wrestler's theme songs in there. Still, quite sub-par for the time.

Gameplay: 1
If I could give this a zero, I would. The gameplay summons up the feel of professional wrestling like Super Mario summons up the feel of plumbling. Scratch that comparision, because Super Mario is still a fun game, whereas this one is a repetitive waste. The Acclaim version of ""wrasslin"" seems to be punching and kicking, and they totally missed out on what the fun of the game is. Individual wrestler's moves are, as a rule, forgotten (thankfully, Bam Bam Bigelow does have his cartwheel). They should have looked to games like ProWrestling for a good model.

Overall: 2
This could have been a good game, but by adding all the wrong elements to make a cheap promotional game, it is just bad. Even the nostalgia couldn't save this game for me.

Tecmo Wrestling and ProWrestling are far superior. Avoid this game. Thanks to Vimm's for providing it, however. Even crappy games should be documented for future generations to laugh at.