Uncanny X-Men, The

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Reviewer: master Date: Aug 31, 2004
This game was made fun of by many critics for being a lousy game. Those critics were right this game is lousy in every aspect and has often been considered as the worst NES game of all time. This is one lousy game for the NES.

Graphics: 1
The graphics are absolutely horrendious because Wolverine looks more like a moving brown blob than the brown character that he is. All of the other characters look just as bad. Grade F-

Sound: 2
Probably the best aspect of the game because the music is just bad, but the sounds are absoutley horrible that is comarible to an Atari 2600 game. Grade F

Gameplay: 1
This game is played from an overhead view, but since this game is way too hard to play it is unplayable. The weapons of the X-Men Characters are virtually useless because they don't do much damage to the enemy. You can also go straight through the level without killing any enemy, which defeats the whole purpose of the game. Grade F-

Overall: 1
I would not even recommend this game to hardcore X-Men fans because it is just that bad. This just has to be one of the worst NES games of all time because this game is just unplayable in all aspects and isn't very fun either period. Final grade F-

This game is somewhat rare so maybe a collector might want it just to collect. Bring back the NES for now and for the future.


Reviewer: DJ Lethal Date: Aug 18, 2001
My God...My God....*chuckle*...You know when I had this game and took it to daycare and let the other kids play it...I always wondered why they laughed at it and called me stupid...Jesus...Now I know. Stan Lee musta been plenty pissed off when he saw this....My God....Wolverine is the biggest abomination. IT'S LIKE HE SITS THERE AND PRANCES!!! PRANCES!!!....Anyways, Play it if u'd like, I just thought u should know.