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Reviewer: Andrew Date: Dec 4, 2006
I still have no idea what this game was about. And I'm going to be honest with you I like trendy things and brand names, but after just playing this game once I really really enjoyed it. This game is a hidden jewel, and should have a cult following. As far as any game goes that I've played on the NES I revere Xexyz.

Graphics: 9
Very colorful and vivid detail to the different levels keeps the game fresh and causes one to feel that they are exploring a vast world. A lot of it looks like it could be actual tribal art. Different weapons changes the visor color on the main character and if I remember right his joints as well kinda bringing a mega-man-esque feel to the game that is pleasant. The colors used however in the weapon changes are much brighter and beautiful. You almost feel as if there are more colors available to the NES then is actually possible playing through this game.

Sound: 8
Many of the sound affects laced throughout this game such as firing a weapon or jumping or even just the sound of text appearing in a text box was superbly done. Certain sounds contain a quality of drawing you in and causing you to want to hear it over and over, such as a mewing of a kitten, this game is chalk full of sounds like that.

Gameplay: 10
Xeyez in general is a moderately difficult game and will take a few tries to get through but not anymore then your willing to spend time actually doing. Levels have a routine. An outterworld a temple a side level where you fly some sort of animal robot space craft through corridors battling all types of strange things that probably don't have names (but are fluid and fire very smooth weapons that rival megaman baddies for just how tight the weapons are streamlined, and focused). By the end of each level you fight a floating something or other, sometimes a head maybe a lobster, maybe some thing that is supposed to be a brain, and then you rescue a princess who instead of arbitrarily telling you to keep going enhances to your player with more health. The only down side is that your character has shorter jumps then what you might be accustomed to in other games but that is made up for with the wing foot upgrade later in the game.

Overall: 10
This game is a legend. I really wish I understood what it was about. I suppose it's one weakness is that there is basically very little story. But the game play is tight. The music is done beautifully and the music is original and catchy. This is an intensely clever game that from its weird pagan vibe, and strange unbelievably well drawn monsters (that often look like something from a crystal clear acid trip) is worth you trying out.