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Reviewer: Danoz Date: Oct 14, 2001
Some Backround Information: Yo! Noid was a creation from the game ""Kamen no Ninja Hanamauru"", a japanese game with a young child, and a raven in place of a yoyo. The card games after ever other level are very similar yet reversed, and you will see some more diversity in the enemies as opposed to a different colored Noid. While the text is in Japanese, Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru is similar to Yo! Noid in almost every aspect of gameplay. Only sound and graphics have been changed. Yo! Noid was kind of a Domino's hack to a Japanese game that never made it to the states. Still this does not diminish the fact that Yo! Noid is a very fun game. In a way, it is simply an American-ized version of the less than popular Japanese game.

Graphics: Although the graphics in this game is simple, you have to remember that the rating of graphics is for the system, as opposed to todays standards. Yo! Noid is an intersting Platform sidescoller, and graphics would be slightly less than perhaps Megaman or Battletoads.

Sound: The sound is scrachy and simple, and for some reason very few emulators have perfected the Yo! Noid music. The music in the game is repetitive and will stick in your mind for hours to come. If you didn't enjoy this game as a child, the music will most likey drive you insane ten minutes into the game. It's only slightly different than the music in Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru, and it's obvious they were trying to create an original tune from hacking the music already in the Japanese game. It's catchy, but extreamly repetitive.

Gameplay: Gameplay is simple. You can jump and shoot a YoYo. Also, by gathering scrolls you can charge a bomb that causes everything in the screen to dissolve. This is slightly out of place for the Domino's mascot as a weapon, it had a major part in the Ninja Child on original game. He was collecting scrolls to charge a magic spell, the more scrolls he gathered the more magic he could charge. This has more meaning in the other game obviously :D. You can ride a skateboard, jump on a pogo-stick, and fly on a hele-jet. The pogo-stick however was the key reason Domino's decided this would be thier game. The Domino's mascot being prominent for constant jumping... this was perfect and would work well into thier advertising. The card games, (a pizza eating contest), created from the (magic card contest), was also humorous.

Some codes: Codes for this game will allow you to fly in the air, (using the heli-pad), as well as jump incredibly high, and skip to any level in the game. If you don't want to spend hours becoming a master like myself, I highly reccomend gathering some codes for this.

Overall: I'm suprised that Domino's made a cent of money from this game, but I truly enjoyed playing it as a child. I played it all the way to the end, by far one of the more difficult games to beat without codes. I think it's worth owning the cart in this game, so if you still like collecting the old NES carts, then head on down to ebay to get your copy of Yo! Noid! Still, arguably one of the most pointless games ever created :). ---Peace, Danoz.


Reviewer: Big Nat G Date: Jul 17, 2001
Yo! What's up, ma Noid? I always wondered what the hell a noid is... But i guess a Noid is a guy with long ears, loves pizza, likes to use a yo-yo, and enjoys dressing up in skin-tight batmanish costumes... Another good game that i owned at one point, Yo! Noid is a great game with lots of variety. There's a level where you skateboard, a couple levels where you use a helecopter backpack, and after every two levels, there is a pizza eating contest that uses an original concept. Also, at one point in the game (a point in which i got to in the emulator only) in one of the city levels, there is a secret warp. And to get the warp, you have to watch a cutscene of these punks dancing or something, then hit them with a hammer in some sort of a sadistic wack-a-mole. But all in all, this game is great, it has a lot of secrets that you have to hit invisible items with your yo-yo in the level. This game gets the Big Nat G stamp of aproval. _ _ _ _ _
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