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Reviewer: Nathaniel Date: Jun 9, 2008
Many people I know or have known in childhood didn't like this game, probably because of games like Tetris, Dr. Mario and other addictive classics. But I think this game is classic too, since for me, my sisters and a few of my friends, it's very addictive and can become very competitive very quickly.
Basically, it IS a bit like Teris and Dr. Mario; you simply match falling characters like Boo Diddly and Bloobers to their matches waiting on the bottom(or in harder levels, the TOP) of the screen, and thus they disappear and you get points. It's that simple.

Graphics: 6
The graphics are NES, yes, but having falling objects in a Tetris-like game that actually MOVE and make faces at you as they plummet: THAT is different. Every enemy has basic multi-frame movements, and the graphics are colorful, but not TOO colorful. The football field background Mario and Yoshi run across when you complete a level in B Type is TOO plain though. When you get to higher levels, Yoshi eats a different item, such as a fireflower or a turtle shell. If you get far enough, he eats some very strange-looking items.
Good graphics, smooth animations; but nothing that jumped out at me.

Sound: 7
The tunes in this game get stuck in my head VERY easily for some reason. I don't know if that's childhood NES obsession and nostalgia double-teaming me, or if they're just REALLY catchy(or both?), but some tunes are VERY cool to hum along with(or hum later on when they repeat in your head ^_^ )
The sound effects are pretty standard. But if you build up a high enough pile using a Yoshi eggshell, and complete it, you'll get a very pudgy Yoshi that sounds kinda like Sloth from the Goonies(which I found HILARIOUS).
Again, pretty good sound effects, and some REALLY catchy tunes!

Gameplay: 9
This game has some great control for a two-player Tetris-esque game. I've always found the controls pretty sensitive, and have never had any trouble at all, even when playing it on my computer. Sometimes I get stuck with the older NES controller, and even then, I have no troubles at all(and my sisters yell at me when I still win with it ^_^ ).

Overall: 9
Heck, I give it an overall nine, not just because its an old favorite, but because its STILL addictive and STILL fun to play! I don't care what anyone says, this is still and always was a great game! Even if you like Tetris or Dr. Mario better, this is still a must-have.