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May 8, 2016
Work is progressing on the PlayStation 2 Vault. Out of a total of 1841 US games, 1570 (85%) are available for download and 1022 (55%) have screen shots. Work will continue towards reaching 100%! There have also been a few emulator releases lately including Higan, ePSXe, and PCSX2, plus Dolphin 5.0 is coming soon.
October 20, 2015
A rare face lift was completed for the site today, making the main menu slightly larger and supporting modern ad sizes. It's a subtle change, but screens have grown quite a bit over the years so it's good to keep up.

Also the Emulation Lair has been updated with some new emulator releases, along with a new Vimm's Lair installer using the common .msi format. It was made for Project 64 to remove the adware the author packages with it. If it's popular, the other emulators will be updated to use .msi too.
August 17, 2015
Work is going well on the PS2 Vault and recently reached the midway point, with all games A-L being processed. The rest will continue to trickle in alphabetically though requests are welcome on the Request Board. And finally, after 15 years the Vault Store has closed. It has been increasingly hard to find fresh stock and inventory has fallen so low it seemed right to call it quits. A big "Thank you" for the hundreds of people who have placed orders over the years, it really made a difference.
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