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GameCube The Vault
F-Zero GX4Nintendo200310.0
F1 20024EA Sports2002none
Fairly OddParents!, The: Breakin' Da Rules1THQ2003none
Fairly OddParents!, The: Shadow Showdown2THQ2004none
Fantastic 42Activision2005none
FIFA 07 Soccer4EA Sports2006none
FIFA Soccer 064EA Sports2005none
FIFA Soccer 20024EA Sports200110.0
FIFA Soccer 20034EA Sports2002none
FIFA Soccer 20044EA Sports2003none
FIFA Soccer 20054EA Sports2004none
FIFA Street4EA Sports Big2005none
FIFA Street 24EA Sports Big2006none
FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006?Electronic Arts?9.0
Fight Night Round 22EA Sports20057.5
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles4Nintendo20046.5
Fire Blade1Midway2002none
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance1Nintendo200510.0
Flushed Away1D3Publisher2006none
Freaky Flyers2Midway2003none
Freedom Fighters4EA Games2003none
Freekstyle2EA Sports2002none
Freestyle MetalX?Midway2003none
Freestyle Street Soccer4Acclaim2003none
Frogger Beyond1Konami2002none
Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue4Konami2003none
Frogger: Ancient Shadow4Konami20058.0
From Russia With Love?Electronic Arts2005none
Future Tactics: The Uprising2Crave2004none