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Genesis The Vault

Welcome to the Genesis Vault. This Vault contains every Genesis game released in the US. To play them you'll need an emulator from the Emulation Lair. You can also play games in your browser with nesbox (requires Flash).

March's Top 10 Downloads
Sonic the Hedgehog 2110
Sonic the Hedgehog91
Sonic the Hedgehog 373
Streets of Rage 263
Castlevania - Bloodlines59
Golden Axe II57
Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 355
Sonic and Knuckles53
Streets of Rage47
Golden Axe42
Overall Rating
Streets of Rage 29.78
MLBPA Sports Talk Baseball9.77
Golden Axe II9.75
Streets of Rage9.75
Castlevania - Bloodlines9.74
Earthworm Jim9.69
Sonic the Hedgehog 29.69
Road Rash 39.68
Road Rash9.66
Golden Axe II9.78
MLBPA Sports Talk Baseball9.77
Castlevania - Bloodlines9.73
Streets of Rage 29.72
Streets of Rage9.70
Earthworm Jim9.69
Sonic the Hedgehog 29.65
Fantastic Dizzy9.61
Streets of Rage 29.78
MLBPA Sports Talk Baseball9.76
Streets of Rage9.75
Castlevania - Bloodlines9.72
Golden Axe II9.71
Sonic the Hedgehog 29.68
Earthworm Jim9.68
Road Rash 39.64
Fantastic Dizzy9.60
Golden Axe II9.79
Streets of Rage 29.79
MLBPA Sports Talk Baseball9.77
Streets of Rage9.74
Castlevania - Bloodlines9.71
Earthworm Jim9.68
Road Rash9.68
Road Rash II9.66
Sonic the Hedgehog 29.66