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September 18, 2023
The Vault's online emulator has been switched to use While it has a few minor bugs, this emulator is more customizable and doesn't have ads. A new Sega 32X Vault and Game Gear Vault are also now open.
August 14, 2023
Recently it was discovered that the extract-xiso program used to build .xiso files in the Xbox Vault is 64-bit which has known issues. A 32-bit copy is now in place and all Xbox .xiso files will be rebuilt over the coming weeks. The Wii conversion to .rvz is also complete so all Wii games are now available in .wbfs and .rvz format. The Nintendo 64 Vault is also getting a screen shot refresh. Many title screens have an overscan border that shows up on emulators but not on TVs, so they're all being replaced with borderless screen shots.
April 23, 2023
Lots of new Vault updates to report. First up, the Xbox 360 Vault and PlayStation Vault are now complete. The Redump project catalogs new Xbox 360 discs regularly so The Vault is never truly complete, however a new "missing" page has been added making it easy to spot (and upload) new titles. A new Vault has been opened for the Sega Master System and Nintendo Virtual Boy containing every known game in the world. Over in the Wii Vault a new .rvz option has been added with games gradually being added alphabetically. And finally, the PlayStation 3 Vault is now accepting uploads with discs decrypted on-the-fly by NKit2. With that the entire Vault is now upload enabled so anyone can upload a missing title, no registration or approval required.

Many of these updates required hardware upgrades, involving several scheduled (and unscheduled) outages over the past few weeks. Most of the kinks have been worked out so things are running smoother now.