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October 6, 2017
The GameCube Vault and Wii Vault now include disc and cover scans from GameTDB. Nearly all games have a low quality cover scan and high quality covers and discs are shown where available. Of course the Wii Vault continues to grow too, currently on the letter "J".
September 12, 2017
Apologies for Vimm's Lair being offline the past few days, it seems a power outage knocked the server offline and nobody turned it back on. Everything should be up and running now.

In other news the refresh of the GameCube Vault is complete. Every game has been verified for accuracy at redump.org then scrubbed using Wiimms ISO Tools (WIT) to make them smaller and download faster. The Wii Vault also continues to grow with the letter "G" now in progress.
June 23, 2017
Vimm's Lair is proud to present the Wii Vault! This new Vault is a work in progress with a hundred-odd games so far. As always more games will be added (mostly) alphabetically. All games are in .wbfs format and can be played with the GameCube/Wii emulator Dolphin.

All GameCube games in The Vault are scrubbed to reduce their size, but unfortunately the scrubbing tool wasn't perfect and broke several games. To fix that, all games are being re-scrubbed with the tool "wit" using a clean copy verified by redump.org. Roughly half of the GameCube Vault (letters A-L) has been re-scrubbed so far.

The PlayStation 2 Vault is nearly complete as well. Only a handful of games are left to add and most of them were probably never actually released. A couple hundred games still remain picture-less, but the PlayStation 2 Vault hasn't been as popular as expected so focus has shifted to GameCube and Wii.

In other news, Vimm's Lair has switched to HTML5. This can cause problems with very old browsers but it's time to move on. With the shackles removed, expect new tweaks to appear throughout the site.
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