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Emulation Sites
Browser based ds emulatorAn emulator website that lets you play all your favorite ds games in your browser
VisualBoyAdvanceA Very good emulator with support for GBA,GBC, and GB Games!
Project 64A Nintendo 64 emulator for PC
Snes9xOne of the best Super Nintendo Emulators, now with Msu-1 Support!
SkylineA Nintendo Switch emulator for Android phones
DuckstationDuckStation is a PS1 Emulator aiming for the best accuracy and game support.
CXBX ReloadedAn original Xbox emulator for Windows
Play!A PS2 emulator for PC and mobile devices - also has a web browser port
MednafenA portable, command-line-driven multi-system emulator.
Cemu EmulatorAn open source Wii U emulator.
RetroPieEmulator software for Raspberry Pi
Citra - Nintendo 3ds EmulatorAn emulator I found for the Nintendo 3ds
FightcadeThe Fighting Game Emulator for all retro fighting games!!
Xemu - Original Xbox EmulatorA free and open-source application that emulates the original Microsoft Xbox game console.
DesSmuMEA good Nintendo DS emulator.
XeniaAn xbox 360 emulator for Windows
The Web VaultA website where you can play a variety of console/browser games in your browser, no download required
yuzuyuzu is an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra.
Dolphin EmulatorDolphin is an emulator for two recent Nintendo video game consoles: the GameCube and the Wii.
emulatorjsRetroarch compiled to webassembly. An emulator for the web that supports a variety of systems
RetroArchRetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines, and media players.
EmudeckAll-in-one emulator solution for the Steam Deck
RyujinxAn other switch emulator.
DraSticNintendo ds emulator with all the works
Aethersx2 Ps2 Emulator for AndAethersx2 is a ps2 emulator for android, you can also need a ps2 bios to play ps2 games.
Rpcs3RPCS3 is the best Playstation 3 emulator for Windows, Linux and MacOS
emulator.onlineThis is an emulator for the gameboy.
melonDSNintendo DS emulator!
EmuflixAn emulator website that lets you play on multiple consoles/handhelds and arcade machine, also unblocked on school devic
LemuroidAndroid Emulator for multiple consoles and handhelds
ROM Sites
coolromgood for downloading roms
Real ROMsFrom RealROMs you can download the ROMs of all consoles
PC Games DownloadGames Compressed PC Free Download Full Version | Highly Compressed PC Games | Repack PC Game In Direct Download Links. T
Emulator RomsMassive collection of ROMs and emulators available to download for free
WowromsA rom website for lots of consoles!
EmulatorRomsMassive collection of ROMs and emulators available to download for free.
Rompure.ccLots of roms for many consoles, including the 3ds!
r/ApkZarA great source of romhacks, roms, and pre-patched fan translated roms for the JP region
ReziThe fastest search engine with a lot of sources available for searching. Includes an emulator for compatible games.
All Pokemon ROMsCollection of All Pokemon ROMs
Romsfun.comDownload over 10000 classic and modern games for free. We share the full ROM and ISO of the latest Nintendo and Playstat
CDRomanceA fantastic place to find pre-patched fan translated roms, as well as other romhacks and JP region roms
Yakuza 5 PS3 Rom (JB Folder)a rom site that has the JB folder version of Yakuza 5 for PS3. most sites that have yakuza 5 have the PKG version
ROMs DownloadCheck out or Download All Types Of ROMs and Emulators free for GBA, SNES, NDS, GBC, GB, N64, NES, PSP, PS2, XBOX, Wii U
r/Roms MegathreadLinks to roms from new and old consoles and pcs. Includes tutorials and information about locked roms etc...
r/Roms XBOX 360 VaultHas every XBOX 360 game for all regions with DLC. I'm going through these and uploading them to the 360 vault here.
Pokemon ROMsHere you can find all Gen1 to 5 Pokemon ROMs
Pokemon Fire Red DownloadsAs the name suggests, Pokémon Fire Red Download is a game that allows you to battle with fiery creatures.
One Click ROM Downloadno need to wait 5 seconds or redirection. Just click on download button and get your ROM
Internet ArchiveMassive file site with anything you can think of
CrocdbSearch and download directly in the database based on the links present on r/Roms megathread, all with a simple UI
Pokemon Blue Version ROMsAre you looking for a way to download Pokemon Blue Rom? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
Glitch Gaming ArchiveAn archive I made a while ago
Download Free ROMs100% secure and safe download ROMs at romslover.com
1mody.comHere you get free 100% Free Mods Roms And Roms Inform
MarioCubeWii, Wii U, Gamecube and DS ISOs/ROMs hosted on Google Drive
Wii U ROMsDownload Nintendo Wii U ROMs for free on your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Explore a new era of video gaming.
Retrostick.comThis website has a lot of time and tom hacks
NxbrewNXbrew is a safe, nintendo switch rom site where u have every single rom to download
Phantoms-ArchiveA simple community website with a gallery, forum, arcade, and files.
FreeDownloadManagerIts an awesome open source FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER that makes downloading faster, and continues stopped downloads.
RingtoneSpyListen and Download Free Ringtones in mp3 and m4r format on your mobile phones.
apkzar.coBasically the same as Roms pure but a little different
Roblox MODVery easy to download this Roblox MOD APK gameplay for totally free.
MarioWikiThe Wiki for the Mario Series
ZeldapediaThe Wiki for The Legend of Zelda Series
NookipediaThe Wiki for the Animal Crossing Series
DodoCodesA website to vist other people's Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands!
NookazonA Website to buy items for Animal Crossing: New Horizons With bells!
A link to the past RandomizerThe Website to download a randomizer for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!
The Cutting Room FloorUnused content in video games
Mario And Sonic Flash Games!Just a website featuring some cool flash games from the 2 recognizable video game stars.
Romhacking.netA site to download rom hacks for many games.
FireFoxGreat browser most people use try it.
ApkyoloPlay to and download free GAmes in apps and mods formats inyour smart phone.
Salt MasterKey GeneratorCan be used to get parental restrictions off of any device by providing a master key, no modding at all.
Taiko Rhythm GameA free rhythm game based off the japanese rhythm game taiko no tatsujin. It features plenty of songs from the series.
Dolphin GamersA Discord Server for all the gamers using Dolphin.
LAIKA StudiosRevisit the intricate, handmade props of classic LAIKA stop-motion animated features, ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls, with
modycityhere Great place to get ROMs and Roms related articles, news.
DownloadEmAllThe Original Automated Dat Downloader
Free MP3 DownloadA website for downloading free official MP3 music files.
BlueMaxima's FlashpointAn open-source project aiming to preserve many games and animations for the discontinued Adobe Flash Player.
Jailbreak All In OneAt JBAIO, you'll find jailbreak guides, jailbreak files, custom homebrew and game DLC.
vgperson's stuffTons of translated RPG maker classics, songs, novels, and other misc things
Pokemon ShowdownPokemon Showdown is a Pokemon simulator, using the same calculations and formulas as the official games.
MP3 QuackSearch your favorite songs and download for free
TunerExtremely convienent and fast online tuner
WiiLink24Revivals of old wii channels.
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