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Emulation Sites
GoogulatorAn online emulator for GBC
emulatorjsRetroarch compiled to webassembly. An emulator for the web that supports a variety of systems
RetroArchRetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines, and media players.
EmudeckAll-in-one emulator solution for the Steam Deck
RyujinxAn other switch emulator.
DraSticNintendo ds emulator with all the works
The Infamous DolphinYeah, I didnt see Dolphin on here so I, keim am adding it. -keim
YuzuA New Switch Emulator. I cant actually believe we already have a switch emulator. -keim
Aethersx2 Ps2 Emulator for AndAethersx2 is a ps2 emulator for android, you can also need a ps2 bios to play ps2 games.
Rpcs3RPCS3 is the best Playstation 3 emulator for Windows, Linux and MacOS
emulator.onlineThis is an emulator for the gameboy.
melonDSNintendo DS emulator!
EmuflixAn emulator website that lets you play on multiple consoles/handhelds and arcade machine, also unblocked on school devic
LemuroidAndroid Emulator for multiple consoles and handhelds
RecalboxAnother Image of System with RetroArch for Raspberry Pi
CemuEmulator for playing Nintendo Wii U games
GameBrewA site dedicated to emulators, homebrew, and game tools.
CitraCitra is an open- work-in-progress Nintendo 3DS emulator started in early 2013, licensed under GPLv2 (or any later ver.)
RetrosticA website with emulators and roms and so much more!
AetherSX2PS2 Emulator for Android (Free port of PCSX2, runs way better than Damon)
Damon ps2The ps2 emulator for Android and can run on andriod 10 and 11
Atari 2600A site to play Atari on.
Zophar's DomainClassic site featuring a large selection of emulation & game hacking tools, ripped game music, ROMhacks, cheats and more
PPSSPP Official WebsiteOfficial website of the PPSSPP emulator
DS Player (ONLINE)An actual working online DS emulator written in WebAssembly, by 44670!
UrCasualGamerIf you ever need help setting up an emulator UrCasualGamer is the youtuber you should watch.
apkmodzco"APKMODZ.CO is a best Website that provides you Free 100% Working MOD APK Game, Premium Appp for Android with fast direc
OpenEmuAn compilation of several emulators that supports all platforms the lair offers (minus Wii) for macOS
Pcsx2PlayStation 2 emulator for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
ROM Sites
EmulatorRomsMassive collection of ROMs and emulators available to download for free
HshopDownload 3ds cias or download them though a qr code
DSi Ware .cia'sGo here to download .cia file of all the DSi are roms.
ROMS PackComplete sets of ROMS for practically every system. You have to see it to believe it.
Wii U ROMsDownload Nintendo Wii U ROMs free for your Windows, Mac, Linux OS, Android and iOS and start playing video games.
WoWroMsGood Roms of a lot of consoles, give it a try if you are searching for old games, highly recommended.
Roms PureA lot of Roms for basically every console
Rom HackingRomhacking.com/Zophar's Domain but with more rom hacks. Kinda looks a little sketchy but I would say it's fine.
CDRomanceA vast collection of ROMs and ISO, particularly rarer ones. Also offers a selection of romhacks and fan translations.
Galaxy romsRom site for games like ps2, and psp
edgeemulationIt's like this website, but it has the missing platforms.
wowroms.comA good Website for Retro Roms and some Newer ones.
r/roms MegathreadA website megathread on where you can finde Google Drive folders and other links to download ROMs safely.
SMW CentralSMW Central aims to be the Super Mario World hacking site, hosting everything you will ever need in order to create your
Archive's DC ArchiveArchive's DC romset. Basically, archive.org is a safe place to get free roms and more. Also, roms are selfboot .cdi
Console Roms WebsiteRoms and some emulators ranging from the early days to roughly 2010s
ROMHACKING.comHub for pretty much every Super Mario 64 ROM hack, which doubles as a forum for rating and discussion of ROM hacks.
SafeROMsDownload Free ROMs, Emulators and BIOSes
WinWorldPcThis Site Hosts Older Versions Of Windows And Some Abandonware To Download. (All ISOs Work With Virtualbox)
Rezi.oneThe most updated and easiest place to get links for games. Looks really good and gets updated automatically every 24 hrs
GamesNostalgiaRetro games, abandonware, freeware and classic games download for PC and Mac
Old Games DownloadOld Games Download is an archival website providing a database of abandonware games from the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 00s
Download Game PC Full VersionFree Download Games PC
Down10SoftwareContains many ROMs for PS1, GBA, SNES, Nintendo DS, etc. and they are all good nice.
RomsfunA nice place to find ROMs
EmuGanesA lot of ROMs of various consoles in Spanish
MarioCube RepoWiiU, GC, Wii and DS games you can also get with drive (Drive has a fast download speed) and Wii and GC are in nkit.gcz
PS2 Home ForumThe best place for PS2 mods, softmods, homebrew, and help. -RandomPrimary
Lain ChanAn image board mostly centred around art, technology and philosophy. named after the 1998 anime 'serial experiments lain
Byshin SolutionsSolutions to your conundrums! Live TV, Emulation and more!
Mw2 pc clientIW4x is a modification of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, developed by Infinity Ward. The goal of this modifica
RarbgThis is a modern public tracker and a highly recomended source to get movies/PC Games
Batch CIA DecryptorDecrypts CIA's into .cci format to use in Citra.
Vimms Lair DiscordA link to the Vimms Lair Discord Server
Mp3 pawDownload Free MP3 Music. Search and download free mp3 music at 320kbps high quality.
Cs rin ruMake an account and download steam games for free.
tfpXEI make noise using various pop culture samples
The Pirate BayGet your other stuff that isn't the classics around here.
Learn Computer RepairLearn how to install, work with, and maintain a pc, I teach repair and almost all everyday user terminology.
Low Fee Oil Changes EXOTICLow fee oil change on all domestic vehicles. $49.95 4 Cyl. 6 Cyl $59.95, 8 Cyl $59.95. Free diagnostics.
LaunchboxA emulation front end allowing you to lump all your roms into one place. With media scrappers.
/v/'s Recommended Games WikiSometimes you just don't know what game you want to play. That's okay. /v/'s got you.
quinnzsitecool site where there are blogs and sometimes helpful tips
KnockoutA modern video games discussion forum
GentooThe best GNU/Linux distro out there
MovieverseBest movie downloading and watch online website but ensure to use brave browser
Wii GuideHow to jailbreak your Wii, Wii Mini, or Wii U
DeheadEmAllThe Original Automated ROM Deheaderer
Top 50 Best-Selling GamesThe Top 50 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time
khinsiderHas a lot of soundtracks for different games, pretty nice tbh
Slav ArtDownloads songs or albums from Qobuz
alchemistfullmetalread fma online free it is my fav manga
The Gamers ConsortiumA community of gamers open to all sociable and friendly folk!
CloudStream3An adfree streamer on android used to stream movies, tv-shows, and anime.
ManjaroAlso a good os! it is alot easier to install compared to arch (arch is still better)
Restore Democracy -Fire PelosiRestore Democracy - Donate - Fire Pelosi
Marcrobledo RomPatcherAn Online Rom Patcher (N64, SNES, etc)
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