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Emulation Sites
PS2 BiosBios for PS2, PCSX2 & PCSX2
CemuThis is the best emulator for wii u I know.
Boot MiiThis is for Nintendo Wii Homebrew App
Mednafen multi emulatora portable, utilizing OpenGL and SDL, argument (command-line)-driven multi-system emulator
project 64a n64 emulator to play n64 games on your pc! and it very good if you want to emulate n64 games
Dolphinthe best wii and gamecube emulator for pc
ruffleflash game emulator, newgrounds player and flashpoint also exist
XeniaPC Xbox 360 Emulator
BlueStacksAndroid emulator for PC
PlayniteOpen source PC game library manager, supports roms
OpenEmuAn opensource program made to allow players to enjoy games that may no longer be up for sale anymore
Eclipse EmuA site that can emulate multiple nintendo consoles on mobile. No downloads.
Rpcs3This is an emulator that will allow you to run most PS3 games. You must have the PS3 firmware in order to get it running
Batocera.linuxBatocera.linux is an open-source and completely free retro-gaming distribution that can be copied to a USB stick or an S
EmuOSRun retro games and apps right in your browser!
FlashpointA program that is dedicated to preserve flash games
swf file playeruse this program to launch your favorite flash games into your pc
citraits a 3ds emulator with this you can play 3ds games
LaunchBoxFrontend for all your emulators and windows games.
Attract-ModeAttract-Mode is a graphical frontend for command line emulators such as MAME, MESS and Nestopia. It hides the underlying
vvctre Nintendo 3DS emulatorvvctre is a fork of Citra that works as an alternative, it can run some games better than Citra such as Dark Moon.
RetroArchAn opensource program made and constantly updated to allow players to enjoy games that may no longer be up for sale
super bomberman 2ive evil cyborgs, called the “Five Dastardly Bombers” are bent on taking over the universe! Play as the white bomber and
SameboyAn emulator for gameboy with a shocking amount of accuracy
PS3 Games DownloadAll gaming console details with emulators and jailbreaks.
ROM Sites
Nkit toolconverter for iso and back to nkit
RomspediaSimply the Wikipedia for ROMs
Wii RomsDownload Wii Roms online.
Best Safe ROM SitesDownload Free All ROMs and Emulators!
PS2 GamerDownload All PlayStation Games (PS2 ISOs) Free
EmuParadiseThe biggest retro gaming website on Earth!
SafeROMsDownload Free ROMs, ISOs and Emulators
r/roms megathreadMegathread for r/roms, has more recent consoles
RomsManiaanother rom site kind of like this one, but also has atari, xbox, and MAME arcade games.
3ds RomsDownload 3ds Roms For citra
SM64hacksIf you are a big n64 rom hack fan here is a website with every single mario 64 romhack
romspureyou can get more roms
RetrosticHosts various games from retro to ps3
HshopA repository of 3ds games and content. All hosted as qr codes.
Rom Center Markdown EditionDS DS Download Play DSi DSiWare 3DS GameCube Wii WiiWare and VC Wii U
Fix It Felix JR.Fix It Felix Jr. was the game featured in the film Wreck It Ralph. This fan made game faithfully recreates the arcade ga
DedomilDownload Java Games for your old phones/ Java emulator!
cia 3dsthis is safe to download cia roms
3DS Eshop CiasThese are not dumps of 3DS cartridges, they are the files of games on the Eshop. This list even has virtual console!
Game NintendoA large site like The Vault with many wii, nintendo switch games also other plattforms.
3DS Roms For CitraThese Games Checked and Work Okay For Citra
ROM's DownloadDownload game ROM's—from GBA to Xbox—for Android, PC, Mac or iPhone.
xbox360romshere are some roms for xbox360
Mother seriesContains japanese & english versions of Earthbound beginnings, Earthbound, & mother 3. Also some fan romhack stuff
Ps3 RomsDownload Your Favorite PS3 Roms For Pc
RingtoneBaazfree download latest mp3 ringtobes for mobile
lalilofrench game to learn french
Internet ArchiveNon-profit library that also contains video game prototypes, demo discs and custom BIOS.
TwitI don't know, maybe you guys should make a vimms twitter account.
Cheaper GamerSoftmod your Wii U and play all your ROMs today in Glorious HD!
Scratcha website where you can make and play games
TNO RedditA reddit page for the Hearts of Iron 4 mod "The New Order" and a generally stupid place to be.
Shrek-InformationInformation about a true Cinematic Masterpiece
Don'tDon't click that link
WiiBrewGreat for Wii-Homebrew apps
Tyrone's Unblocked GamesThis is a roblox music video about guests being removed. It demonstrates how lots of people simply ignored guests, makin
RedditYou should already know this website
GBAtempUsed to be a Game Boy Advance ROM site, now a site for video game news and hacks for various consoles.
Biebersoft.netPlay old school HTML5 Games
the r/okbuddypersona discordthe superior persona discord
WayneJoin wayen today is very gud :)
check it yooooothis stuff sick af yoooooooooo
Abandonware siteDOS, Win 9x, ME, XP, other non-86 PCs
Very cool placeUhh its just discord
NiniteAllows you to bundle common pc applications (Of your choice!) all into one installer
WebOasisGreat homepage for pc, it has a large selection of websites. And is great for finding things.
my soundcloudstream my music please i am begging i need to eat
Hungry Horse PranksPranks pretending to be a Horse. Who knows who made these odd videos, probably don't want to know
wikipediayou misspelt wikipedia
tf2click to instantly gain 70 iq
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