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Emulation Sites
RetroPieEmulator software for Raspberry Pi
MednafenBest Sega Saturn emulator EVER!
Citra - Nintendo 3ds EmulatorAn emulator I found for the Nintendo 3ds
FightcadeThe Fighting Game Emulator for all retro fighting games!!
Xemu - Original Xbox EmulatorA free and open-source application that emulates the original Microsoft Xbox game console.
DesSmuMEA good Nintendo DS emulator.
XeniaAn xbox 360 emulator for Windows
The Web VaultA website where you can play a variety of console/browser games in your browser, no download required
yuzuyuzu is an experimental open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch from the creators of Citra.
Dolphin EmulatorDolphin is an emulator for two recent Nintendo video game consoles: the GameCube and the Wii.
CEMU EmulatorA closed-source Wii U Emulator currently in beta
emulatorjsRetroarch compiled to webassembly. An emulator for the web that supports a variety of systems
RetroArchRetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines, and media players.
EmudeckAll-in-one emulator solution for the Steam Deck
RyujinxAn other switch emulator.
DraSticNintendo ds emulator with all the works
Aethersx2 Ps2 Emulator for AndAethersx2 is a ps2 emulator for android, you can also need a ps2 bios to play ps2 games.
Rpcs3RPCS3 is the best Playstation 3 emulator for Windows, Linux and MacOS
emulator.onlineThis is an emulator for the gameboy.
melonDSNintendo DS emulator!
EmuflixAn emulator website that lets you play on multiple consoles/handhelds and arcade machine, also unblocked on school devic
LemuroidAndroid Emulator for multiple consoles and handhelds
RecalboxAnother Image of System with RetroArch for Raspberry Pi
GameBrewA site dedicated to emulators, homebrew, and game tools.
AetherSX2PS2 Emulator for Android (Free port of PCSX2, runs way better than Damon)
Damon ps2The ps2 emulator for Android and can run on andriod 10 and 11
Atari 2600A site to play Atari on.
Zophar's DomainClassic site featuring a large selection of emulation & game hacking tools, ripped game music, ROMhacks, cheats and more
ROM Sites
EmulatorRomsMassive collection of ROMs and emulators available to download for free.
Internet ArchiveMassive file site with anything you can think of
CrocdbSearch and download directly in the database based on the links present on r/Roms megathread, all with a simple UI
Pokemon Blue Version ROMsAre you looking for a way to download Pokemon Blue Rom? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
Glitch Gaming ArchiveAn archive I made a while ago
Download Free ROMs100% secure and safe download ROMs at romslover.com
1mody.comHere you get free 100% Free Mods Roms And Roms Inform
MarioCubeWii, Wii U, Gamecube and DS ISOs/ROMs hosted on Google Drive
Wii U ROMsDownload Nintendo Wii U ROMs for free on your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Explore a new era of video gaming.
Roms funBasically the same as Roms pure but a little different
Retrostick.comThis website has a lot of time and tom hacks
NxbrewNXbrew is a safe, nintendo switch rom site where u have every single rom to download
Planet EmulationRoms for several systems, including arcade games.
NoPayStationWebsite with links to PS3, PSP, PSV and PSM games and DLC files.
Download PS3 RomsDownload Your Favorite PS3 Roms For Pc.
hShopA site containing downloads of every 3DS game ever
romsmaniaGreat place to get ROMs
Live-A-Live English PatchLive-A-Live SNES English Patch
Gba romsYou can get all GBA Hacks ROM for free download on your device.
Andriyan Blazethe warehouse for downloading the best console games, small size but complete games.
Multi-Console RomsDownload the largest & cleanest roms on this website.
DSi Ware .cia'sGo here to download .cia file of all the DSi are roms.
ROMS PackComplete sets of ROMS for practically every system. You have to see it to believe it.
WoWroMsGood Roms of a lot of consoles, give it a try if you are searching for old games, highly recommended.
Roms PureA lot of Roms for basically every console
Rom HackingRomhacking.com/Zophar's Domain but with more rom hacks. Kinda looks a little sketchy but I would say it's fine.
CDRomanceA vast collection of ROMs and ISO, particularly rarer ones. Also offers a selection of romhacks and fan translations.
Galaxy romsRom site for games like ps2, and psp
edgeemulationIt's like this website, but it has the missing platforms.
ConsoleMods.orgA wiki for console modding, repair, and restoration.
GOG GamesDownload any GOG.com game for free. Recommended: Use JDownloader for the links.
ItemlabelThe greatest site, ever
PCGamingWikifind fixes for any pc game you need
r/VimmsLairVimm's Lair Subreddit
Wii Backup ManagerPut Wii and GameCube games on a hard drive.
The Candy Box 2great text-based rpg game
r/PiracyMega Thread has the the best list of downloading sites for software, roms, ...
WayneCome to the wayneiverse
Virgin Stuffwhenever you feel money watch one of these videos
Adobe premiere rushTake the power of Adobe on the go with video editing across devices.
PicsArt applicationPicsArt create your awesome image
yt-dlpyt-dlp is a Youtube-dl fork with much faster download speeds see github documentation
WinWorldpcImages for OG Windows and MacOS, with a library of DOS and Windows Games as well.
McBrokenFind out if the McDonald's icecream machine is broken
Host Me KCHost your own ROMs and such for teeny, tiny monies.
OligopolyAlmost every movie and TV show without ads
The Internet ArchiveArchive of many media types including: books, software, videos, etc.
Youtube-DLDon't listen to that YT1S.de guy: I heard from Reddit it will probably kill your PC. Take this open-source app instead.
Arch linuxSecure and DIY linux distro people often say I use arch btw to indicate that they use the distro
MP3 QuackSearch your favorite songs and download for free
skidrowreloadedarchive of repackaged pc games
Music BanterAn old early 2000's internet forum about music, it's still active... I think.
Mp3 Ringtones DownloadListen and download free Ringtones in mp3 and m4r format on your mobile phones.
THUGproA mod for Tony Hawk's Underground 2
ElamigosGet PC games for free
3DS, Wii U & PS Vita CFW GuideA guide on how to flash custom firmware on the 3DS, Wii U, or PS Vita.
WindowstanCollection of Microsoft Windows disk images.
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