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Emulation Sites
Emulator ZoneHere you can easily find emulators of any old conosle
Sharks Romshere you will find roms for every console
Nintendo Switch emulatorthis is the most decent emulator for Nintendo switch games run smooth on it
Best Emulators DownloadAll Consoles Emulators Download
PcsxrGood ps1 emulator, they have the bios download link, so, dont worry
SameboyAn Emulator for Gameboy with a Good amount of Accuracy
Retroarchthe bigest emulator that can emulate all cores from atari to psp !!!!!!
DesmumeThe best Nds emulator :)
Orbitalupcoming PS4 emulator
Dolphin emulatorThe homepage of the Dolphin emulator (Wii and Gamecube)
PS2 BiosBios for PS2, PCSX2 & PCSX2
CemuThis is the best emulator for wii u I know.
Boot MiiThis is for Nintendo Wii Homebrew App
Mednafen multi emulatora portable, utilizing OpenGL and SDL, argument (command-line)-driven multi-system emulator
project 64a n64 emulator to play n64 games on your pc! and it very good if you want to emulate n64 games
Dolphinthe best wii and gamecube emulator for pc
ruffleflash game emulator, newgrounds player and flashpoint also exist
XeniaPC Xbox 360 Emulator
BlueStacksAndroid emulator for PC
PlayniteOpen source PC game library manager, supports roms
OpenEmuAn opensource program made to allow players to enjoy games that may no longer be up for sale anymore
Eclipse EmuA site that can emulate multiple nintendo consoles on mobile. No downloads.
Rpcs3This is an emulator that will allow you to run most PS3 games. You must have the PS3 firmware in order to get it running
Batocera.linuxBatocera.linux is an open-source and completely free retro-gaming distribution that can be copied to a USB stick or an S
EmuOSRun retro games and apps right in your browser!
ROM Sites
Switch romsfree switch roms, works with yuzu
Best Games ROMs and ISOsBest Safe Download ROMs & Emulators
Safe ROM SitesBest Safe ROM Sites To Download ROMs & Emulators
romhacking.comCool site that allows you to keep track of your stars on a leaderboard. Also acts as a ROMHACK archive.
GameCube RomsFree Download All Types Of GameCube Roms For Free From This Website
romsforeverPuedes descargar roms de cualquier consola
RomsmaniaDownload free ROMS and ISOs!
Roms GamesThis website is not quite known I don't recommend you because the download won't work sometimes...
Romspure (updated info)This is a Nintendo Switch website and you are welcomed to download
Nkit toolconverter for iso and back to nkit
RomspediaSimply the Wikipedia for ROMs
Wii RomsDownload Wii Roms online.
Best Safe ROM SitesDownload Free All ROMs and Emulators!
PS2 GamerDownload All PlayStation Games (PS2 ISOs) Free
EmuParadiseThe biggest retro gaming website on Earth!
r/roms megathreadMegathread for r/roms, has more recent consoles
3ds RomsDownload 3ds Roms For citra
SM64hacksIf you are a big n64 rom hack fan here is a website with every single mario 64 romhack
romspureyou can get more roms
RetrosticHosts various games from retro to ps3
HshopA repository of 3ds games and content. All hosted as qr codes.
Rom Center Markdown EditionDS DS Download Play DSi DSiWare 3DS GameCube Wii WiiWare and VC Wii U
Fix It Felix JR.Fix It Felix Jr. was the game featured in the film Wreck It Ralph. This fan made game faithfully recreates the arcade ga
DedomilDownload Java Games for your old phones/ Java emulator!
cia 3dsthis is safe to download cia roms
Totally Sidetalkin'The Classic - Trillions upon trillions of pictures of people practicing the ancient art of "Sidetalkin'"
Romgetiodownload rom and emulator
3h Smart USABest Acupressure bed
The EyePreservation site containing roms for numerous systems. Site also has, Operating Systems, Software, etc...
Faug Game Downloadfree download faug game
SuggestReview.comfree digital and physical products review website
Vimm's Lair DiscordThis is the fan made server for this site.
PudimA nice, conforting picture of a homemade pudding.
r/dogelorewhat a nice subreddit i hope it doesnt get featured on vimms lair
BullsquidA website where you bullsquid! I have bullsquided for 38 minutes and 47 seconds. Can you beat my time?
Gta Vice City Downloadfree download gta vice city pc
Joel!!Joels twitch redirect
Wind Waker RandomizerCool randomizer that switches up the places of items in LOZ WW
ytitz yt and i have to say cfhuiasgisvhyusagucfchyuvjgv
The Greatest EverThe greatest song ever.
Proapk.siteAndroid Premium Apks Download
Morphogenesispretty cool song by melodic death metal band Scar Symmetry
lalilofrench game to learn french
Internet ArchiveNon-profit library that also contains video game prototypes, demo discs and custom BIOS.
TwitI don't know, maybe you guys should make a vimms twitter account.
Cheaper GamerSoftmod your Wii U and play all your ROMs today in Glorious HD!
Scratcha website where you can make and play games
TNO RedditA reddit page for the Hearts of Iron 4 mod "The New Order" and a generally stupid place to be.
Shrek-InformationInformation about a true Cinematic Masterpiece
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