Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1: I downloaded a game but it won't work right. What's wrong?

A: Emulators aren't perfect and never will be. If a game won't work with your favorite emulator try another from the Emulation Lair. Some emulators also have compatibility lists which may offer game specific settings to try.
2: I downloaded a game but I get an error unzipping it. What's wrong?

A: The file may not have downloaded 100%. Check your file size with the size shown in The Vault and if they don't match, try downloading it again.
If the file has a ".7z" extension please install 7-Zip to open it.
3: How do I enter Game Genie codes?

A: Most emulators in the Emulation Lair support the Game Genie or other cheating devices. Each emulator works differently, so check its documentation for how to enter cheat codes.
4: Why don't you add codes and walkthroughs?

A: There are other sites which already do this very well. Try GameFAQs for all your code and walkthrough needs.
5: If a rooster stands on the tip of a roof and lays an egg, which side will it roll down?

A: Neither. Roosters don't lay eggs.
6: When will you add more systems to The Vault?

A: Vimm's Lair will never carry ROMs or ISOs for any system still in production. Please show your support for the games you love and purchase them from a store near you. Systems must be at least two generations old to be considered for The Vault, and new Vaults will not be announced in advance.