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Re: PC gaming section?

Posted by BCPowerhouse on .
If PC games are added to the vault, I doubt it will be any time soon. One of the major limiting factors of playing old console games is the difficulty of finding a console. PC games do not have this issue given that most work even on modern systems. I can see where you are coming from, but at least consoles have a limited lifespan that gives a more defined timeframe for when the games were abandoned. PC has no such timeframe. You can still buy games like Age of Empires, Half Life, Command and Conquer, etc... because they still work on modern hardware and are more likely to be considered for takedowns as a result.

As much as I would like old, abandoned PC games to be on here, it would probably make Vimm more open to being taken down.

"A world without classic games is a world without modern history"

In reply to: PC gaming section? posted by Mark BlkWth on .
Hello people of Vimm! I would like to request for the adding of a PC gaming section to the website. PC gaming isn't going to die anytime soon of course, but it would be cool to atleast be able to add a few PC games on here, likely abandonware of course.