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Re: Yoshi's Story ROM

Posted by masao on .
I downloaded the most recent file from here and used Project64 to emulate it successfully on a PC. I didn't encounter any lock-ups, and was able to play well into the first level without issues.

If you want to try the software and settings I'm using, here are the specs:
      Project64 version
      Video plugin: Jabo's Direct3D8 ver 5
      Audio plugin: Jabo's DirectSound
      Input plugin: N-Rage for PJ64
      RSP: RSP Plugin
Graphics HLE: enabled
Audio HLE: disabled

The ROM's checksums (in case your download became corrupt):
      MD5: 586a092e22604840973b82dfaceac77a
      CRC32: A1453E0D

In reply to: Yoshi's Story ROM posted by Soniya636 on .
Hello! I've tried running the ROM on a few different devices, and it will load the screen with Nintendo on it and nothing else. Does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know how to fix it? This is the only ROM I've had trouble with so far from this site.