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Re: A Simple Fix to Downloads Not Working

Posted by cb49 on .
I apologize. And I probably should have made this clearer in my post. No one was complaining about GB and etc, but I'll explain here. GameBoy, some DS games and some Nintendo 64 games are smaller than 25 MB. Because of this, Vimm is able to host these on Google. As such, either of the servers can handle the request. Files larger than those are not and are hosted on Vimm's download servers (download2). This includes the games that most people have been complaining about: GameCube, Dreamcast, PS1 and PS2, as well as a few other vaults. So changing it to download rather than download2 on games larger than 25 MB, will not work. But otherwise, yes, you can do that for smaller games.

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It does work though
As you can see, I'm downloading Super Mario 64. The red circle is surrounding the text that I changed.