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Re: When will there be new emulators?

Posted by funk on .
AFAIK PS3 and X360 are no longer manufactured and supported by Sony and Microsoft respectively (their online infrastructures are still up tho) so it would count as hosting games for a dead console. However, games for both consoles are still being sold legally, so i'm not sure if it would still count as piracy. The only games that i could see being an exception to this are games that are no longer sold anywhere legally, such as some games from the Xbox Live Arcade.

Also, regarding kenny's post: Some PS3 games are naturally really large because they're stored on Blu-Ray which offers much more space than DVD. But since Xbox 360 uses normal DVDs (with dual layer sometimes) the size shouldn't be super huge compared to something like the Wii.

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When will 360/PS3 be added to Vimm because there are good games there that people will enjoy to play? Is it because they are to new so it will be looked at as piracy if they are added to here?