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Re: PS2/GT3 wont download

Posted by DerpySnake on .
Seems that Vimm was doing maintenance on the PS2 drives. I attempted a download just to see if they worked and it seems they might, you can probably try again now.

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In reply to: PS2/GT3 wont download posted by Deathproof on .
Keep getting 401 error, then when it goes to download it downloads like 38 mb or so and over, wont budge, meaning 1% download thats it.
Tried downloading a PSP game Death to Rights and i just placed where to save and it already did downlaod, 59mb in just a like 3 secs or so, it was so quick that it surprised me and i know i have a fairly quick gigabit net but still.
SO i went back tried the GT3 again and same happened, couple of 401 erros and then when it starts downloading, goes to 38mb and stops.
Is there something wrong ?