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Re: 3DS Homebrew - 2 questions

Posted by fullmetal on .
If you still need help, the 3DS homebrew community over at GBAtemp has a lot of information that can help you troubleshot.

To answer your questions:

There are a few different homebrew apps you can use to copy your saves. I don't remember exactly which one I used ( I think it was called Checkpoint), but you probably can find a good one by searching 3DS homebrew save manager or save backup.

I believe you can dump your own DS games, but you don't really need to if you just want to download them from the vault. To play them, you'll need to find a emulator. Last time I checked, the main one was Twilightmenu ++. I don't remember which I used since I had to play around with a couple different ones since I was using an o3DS.

Hope this helps

In reply to: 3DS Homebrew - 2 questions posted by mustbeburt on .
Hello All! This is my first post. I'm looking for some help with 3DS Homebrew. I've already successfully installed homebrew and have even successfully copied my 3DS game carts to my SD card. However:

1. How do I copy my saves from my game cart to my SD card? Yes, it's convenient to copy my game to my SD card, but not if I have to start the game all over again!
2. How do I copy DS games (and saves) to the SD card?

Thank you all!