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Re: Hey Vimm, have you heard of .CHD?

Posted by Vimm on .
I've heard of .chd but haven't worked with it. I believe the "official" .chd converter is included with MAME, however few emulators support CHD version 5.

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I just found this site and it says it can convert and compress PS1 games (.bin .cue) into single .chd file without any loss in quality

Quote from the site:
"The CHD file format was created as a more modern way for storing such ROMs, and thus it excels in every regard. Everything can be contained in a single file, and lossless compression is smartly applied depending on the content for optimal results. For example, typical data might be compressed with the zlib algorithm, but individual audio tracks are compressed with Flac. This leads to great compression rates with zero data loss, since the types of compression used are “lossless.”"

Re: Hey Vimm, have you heard of .CHD?
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