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Re: Laggy/Choppy gameplay in ePSXe

Posted by TinMan1325 on .
I forgot to mention, as far as I can tell Xebra doesn't have save states. You will have to use the memory card. And Xebra doesn't need a BIOS but it is recommended if you come across a game that doesn't work with it, then use the BIOS. I assume you already have a BIOS if you're using ePSXe

Also, Xebra doesn't call it a BIOS, it's called OSROM. It's the same thing, just different name

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Xebra is actually pretty easy to setup.
Download here

And how to use it here

There's a video by some guy named Simply Austin or something like that that has a really complicated video about it. The stuff he does in it is unnecessary