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Re: Uploaded Manual for Final Fantasy 8 (PS1)

Posted by TinMan1325 on .
Yeah you're right actually. The little booklet icon means there's a manual for it. I forgot there was an issue with both FF7 and FF8 manuals

There's been issues with the Manual Project for a really long time now. I told Vimm about it on the Main Message board last year and he said he would get around to fixing it but it really doesn't seem like he has. There are a number of people still having problems uploading manuals

Honestly, it kind of seems like he's given up on it. I've never once seen him reply to anyone here in the Manual Project section

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Ohh... whoops! Sorry! I had thought that if the little booklet icon does not appear next to the game's name in "The Vault", then that meant the manual was not uploaded yet. The icon/link to a manual did not show up until after I uploaded a week ago.

Is there a way to see what manuals are already in the system?