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Re: 3DS discontinued (and added to site) soon?

Posted by condoningirony on .
The systems themselves may stop production, but as long as Nintendo actively sells the games you won’t easily find ROMs for them. This is similar to the PS3, which was) discontinued in 2017. Sony still sells games for it though, through the online services and some retail stores. It will probably be a number of years before 3DS games are actively archived and stored on ROM sites. Nintendo has been cracking down lately on ROM sites, even for old games. It’s harder to defend the ROMs as being archived and preserved when they are still being sold in stores and on digital storefronts.

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Seems retailers are trying to get rid of the last of their 2DS stock and its the only model still being produced which seems to indicate Nintendo's plans to stop production. Does anyone know how long, or if, Vimm would take to add a 3DS section. Would he wait for a mostly complete collection to do it?

Re: 3DS discontinued (and added to site) soon?
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