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Trouble Downloading Large SegaCD Manuals

Posted by dvd on .
I'm having real trouble downloading SegaCD manuals larger than about 16Mb. What seems to be happening is that after an hour, downloads timeout even if they aren't finished. This timeout is a problem because download speeds from the site (even with a direct internet connection/T1 line) are quite slow, even at off hours of the day.
When I attempt to use a non-agressive download utility to simply use the feature of continuing downloading where I left off I am told that this feature is blocked by the site.

Specifically, I was able to get the following:

3,768kb Double-Switch
9,767kb Silpheed
10,754kb Dune
16,424kb Vay

but have failed on many attempts to get:

Popful Mail
Shining Force CD
Snatcher, Cyberpunk Adventure

I've also noticed that the resolution I select (the default or 300)doesn't have an affect on file size.

Also it is interesting to note that when I've tried, I have been sucessful in viewing the manuals with the website viewer and pages load in a matter of seconds.

What can I do to Download these 3 manuals specifically and a few others that I am also interested in?

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