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Re: Mega storage drive links

Posted by the_song_bird on .
Hey, at least mega isn't 1fichier. 1fichier is a whole lot worse with throttling and making you wait in between downloads

In reply to: Re: Mega storage drive links posted by mrnemo1176 on .
Mega, in my opinion, sucks. There are speed and file size limits unless you pay for the premium service which I hate. Why should I have to pay for something that is being offered for free? I already pay for internet service so why do I need to pay someone else to download something? I would rather get my roms from a trusted site like Vimms and deal with the slow download speeds than worry about paying for and extra "service". But seriously, all you folks complaining about the slow speeds, why don't you try hosting a site with terabytes of data for free? Maybe you should be thanking Vimms for offering this service rather than whining about slow downloads.