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Re: Technique to create the manuals

Posted by NES Player on .
Thanks for your answer. So, I basically would like to know two things now:

1. Obviously once you changed the program (or the parameters in the program or whatever) that creates the PDF files because now they are not compatible with Acrobat Reader 5 anymore. My question is now: Why was that done? I don't know if it's quicker, but in the end the new routine doesn't create better or smaller manuals. So, the only difference is that now the PDF files are not compatible with Acrobat Reader 5 anymore. I don't like Acrobat Reader 6 (it's too bloated) and since the PDF format is proprietary, I don't want to use an alternative program, but the official thing, so isn't it possible to remove that incompatibility, so that manuals in the PDF format can also be watched with Acrobat Reader 5 again, as it was the case one year ago?

2. Could you please tell me the program that is used to dynamically create the PDF manuals when someone requests a download? (I'd like to know both: The current program and the old one that didn't have that incompatibility.)

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There aren't any pdf's on this site, except of course for the ones obtained directly from a company or submitted by visitors (via an automated manual contribution). All manuals that I scan are 300dpi png's, and the only place they exist in that form is on my hard drive. When you request a manual page via the online viewer or request a doanload to be built, the png's are resized to the resolution you requested and then converted to jpg. It puts a significant strain on my server, but that old bucket of bolts is still ticking along.

Sorry I never responded to your e-mail, but that address is really just a target for spammers and I rotate it occasionally. I recently setup a new mail server with an awesome new mail program that has great spam filters, so I've actually been checking the mail on occasion.