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Re: Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure (PAL)

Posted by Fitz10019 on .
Failure at 3.4 and 3.5 (different instances).

I suspect that the dynamically generated links at ROMspure expire after about 2h10min, so if my dl doesn't finish in that span, the whole dl fails.

With Free Download Manager, I generated a second download link an hour after the first one, and tried adding the second link as a 'mirror' for the download. It didn't help.

My next tack will be a Chrome to Dropbox extension I read about.

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In reply to: Re: Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure (PAL) posted by Fitz10019 on .
2.8GB overnight, then failure. I suspect my computer went to sleep due to 'inactivity', so I'll try looking a short YouTube video to keep things active.