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the opera browser is only a trial version for now

Posted by inspector on .
All the manuals in the web page format work fine.. despite some sizing issues, that can be adjusted with minor inconvenients anyway. I think it'd be nice having virtual manuals. I bookmarked this site with the Wii browser, it remembers my name to. I'll do the same with my PS3.. yes, I posted the first message with a wii, and this one with a PS3. I actually have a wireless USB keyboard and mouse that works with PS3, my christmas was nice. How about yours? Are you going to play 2001 space odyssey music for new years, or was that a special one year thing. Maybe it was 2001. . .

"WHAT!? I don't even have a computer, I post this with my Wii!"

In reply to: Re: Bwhaha viewing manuals with Wii Browser.. posted by Vimm on .
The Wii uses Opera, right? I've never used Opera before so I have no idea if the site will even work in it. Glad to hear that the manuals are viewable though. By any chance do they pair well with the Virtual Console? I think it would be neat if people could download VC games them come to Vimm's Lair for the manual, all using their Wii.

Re: the opera browser is only a trial version
Vimm -- 1/1/2007 8:51 pm UTC
the full version of the wii browser isnt out.
inspector -- 1/2/2007 4:13 pm UTC