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the full version of the wii browser isnt out.

Posted by inspector on .
Basically, SNES manuals are long and when they load, they cut off the bottom, and there is no scroll bar.. but you can press the "2" button to break things down and it kind of seperated everthing on the page to see the whole thing.. you also can zoom in and out with "+" and "-" buttons, but I remember still having problems seeing some text.. Hopefully the full version of the Wii Opera Browser that is due in the next couple months has more features, like replacing the HUGE hand cursor that gets in the way of flash games, and optimizing how much you want to zoom in would be perfect.

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What sizing issues are you having? Maybe there's something I can do about it. I don't know anyone nearby who has a Wii so I can't really see for myself. It's a pain how Netscape and IE treat window sizes differently so I wouldn't be surprised if Opera is different as well.

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